A home-cooked breakfast
Apple and walnut pancakes
Apple breakfast crisp
Autumn breakfast cookies
Avocado on toast
Baked beans (and a slow-cooked version)
Banana-date smoothie
Banana soup
Black sticky rice
Breakfast quinoa
Breakfast wraps
Buttermilk pancakes
Caramel nectarines on fruit toast
Chai-spiced rice porridge
Chipotle sausage hash 
Chipotle maple tofu scramble
Chocolate beer waffles
Cocoa granola
Coconut bread 
Coconut chai breakfast cake
Corn & jalapeño pancakes
Curry cauliflower frittata
Diner home fries
Eggy quesadillas
English muffins 
Fancy mushrooms and spinach on toast
Gingerbread waffles
Halava (plus a healthier alternative recipe)
Hash browns
Muesli: one, two
Mushrooms on polenta
OMG vegan omelettes
Ottolenghi's grapefruit brekky
Peanut butter-coconut granola
Pesto scrambled tofu withi cherry tomatoes 
Poached quinces with yoghurt
Polenta rancheros
Porridge pie
Potato waffles
Rhubarb compote
Ruby fruits
Rum banana waffles
Sausage and egg muffins 
Steel-cut oats
Sweet'n'sour bircher muesli
Tempeh bacon
Toasty tahini granola 
Tofu pesto scramble
Vegan bacon'n'egg muffins
Vegan French toast 
Wild mushrooms on toast

Almond feta
Almost-as-good gyoza (and now new, improved just-as-good gyoza!)
Apricot delight
Baked Mexican street corn
Banana and walnut muffins
Banana oat slice
Banana-pecan cornbread muffins 
Bombastic BBQ bao
Broad bean bruschetta
Burnt eggplant with tahini
Bush tomato-seasoned damper
Buttermilk (and 'buttermilk') scones
Carrot and peanut muffins
Cashew crack
Cashew maple muesli bars
Chai candied pecans
Cheese & herb fritters
Cheeseburger puffs
Cherry-nut bars
Choc-coconut banana muffins
'Chicken' and mushroom satay sticks
Chilli and lime roasted chickpeas
Colby 'cheese' and sausages
Disaster dumplings
Felafel with yoghurt sauce
Fruit, nut and tahini slice: one, two
Golden bars for Golden Plains
Green pea puffs
Gruyere and pecan scones
Jumbo samosas
Kaiserschmarren mit Zwetschgenröster
Kimchi, gochujang & cheese scrolls
Lady Violet's pumpkin scones
Macadamia-date balls
Mexican toastie
Mock crab cakes
My healthiest vegan-est muffins yet
Oaty rhubarb muffins (and a vegan version)
Pan de yuca
Parmesan and rosemary scones
Parmesan pea dumplings
Parmesan shortbread
Peanut bread
Peanut rice chips
Pizza pull-apart loaf
Plum & poppy seed muffins (plus a vegan version)
Polenta-crumbed zucchini
Potato pancakes
Pumpkin and spelt muffins: one, two
Rice pudding with mango
Rosemary and cheese bites
Saltbush damper
Savoury muffins
Savoury scones
Savoury sundaes
Sesame waffles
Spinach cheese puffs 
Spring onion pancakes
Spring rolls
Supreme beetroot 
Sushi: one, two, three, four
Sweet 'n' salty popcorn
Sweet potato snacks
Sweet potato wedges with lemongrass crème fraiche
Sweet yoghurt plait bread
Taro chips
Tortilla Española
Turnip cakes (lo bak go) 
Turkish lentil balls
Ugly duckling waffles
Vegan crackers and cheese
Wattleseed and date muffins

Dips & condiments
Baked artichoke dip
Baked tomatillo salsa
Basil pesto
Beetroot hummus
Butterbean hummus with red pepper and walnut paste
Caramelised onion dip
Cashew dipping sauce
Chinese style barbeque sauce
Chipotle-onion sauce
Chocolate tahini dressing
Cottage tofu
Crushed puy lentils with tahini & cumin
Double P pesto
Easy-bake salsa
Garlic, herb and bean pate
Grapefruit vinaigrette
Green pumpkin-seed mole
Grillin' cheese sauce
Heidi's hasty, tasty tomato sauce
Hot cheddar & pickled jalapeno dip
Isa's queso blanco
Lemon-agave dumpling dipping sauce
Lemongrass crème fraiche
Lime mayonnaise
Muhammara (and an alternative recipe)
Satay burger sauce
Satay sauce (or try this one)
Sofrito con cilantro
Spicy Peruvian 'cheese' sauce
Sun-dried tomato hummus
Taco seasoning
Tamarind sauce
Tartare sauce
Thick'n'orange stir-fry sauce 
Tomato jam
Vegan fish sauce
Vegan parmesan
Wasabi pea sauce

On the side
Asparagus grilled kabayaki-style
Asparagus with walnut dressing
Baked onion rings
Balinese coconut greens
Black beans
Braised celery and potatoes
Braised mushrooms
Broccoli pilau
Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts with burnt butter & black garlic
Bush tomato-seasoned damper
Butternut pumpkin with ginger tomatoes & lime yoghurt
Cauliflower couscous
Celeriac salad
Chinese greens in 'oyster' sauce
Chipotle carrot chips
Classy cauliflower
Corn bread
Cornmeal crunch
Creamy cabbage
Cucumber salad with smashed garlic and ginger
Cumin-cayenne mashed potatoes with caramelised onions 
Curried green beans
David Chang's Brussels sprouts
Easy-peasy flatbreads
Eggplant raita
Fried eggplant
Saltbush damper
Savoury strawberry salad
Sesame-soy pickled radishes
Silverbeet and celery gratin
Spiced coconut spinach
Spiced new potatoes
Spicy corn and hominy salad
Spicy Moroccan carrot salad 
Stir-fried choko
Stir-fried sweetcorn
A sweet little potato bake
Sweet potatoes with orange bitters 
Sweet spiced lentil rice
The sweetest potato puree
Tempeh bacon
Tropical 'slaw
Winter potatoes with artichokes, leeks and mint
Yellow rice
Zippy warm potato salad
Zucchini crumble

Burgers and sandwiches
Banh mi
Bean burgers
Believe-it-or-not broccoli burgers
Brown rice hazelnut burgers
Bulghur burgers
Caribbean beans and greens wrap
Chickpea cutlets
Eastern vegetarian burgers
Egg and 'bacon' sandwich
Felafel with yoghurt sauce
Flaked coconut bacon
Haloumi sandwiches
Jackfruit pulled 'pork'
Lemon & sage white bean burgers 
Mango basil wraps
Mock tuna salad
Mushroom manwich
Po' boys
'Pulled' tofu & turnip burgers
'Rachel'-marinated seitan
Roasted jackfruit rolls
Satay burger sauce
Seitan gyros
Super sandwich
Thai barbecue seitan sandwiches
Tofu waldorf salad
'Turkey' sandwich slices
Yuba-mushroom cheesesteak sandwiches (and a simpler version)

Banana soup
Bean laksa
Beetroot and carrot soup
Black bean and avocado soup
Broccoli and blue vein soup
Broccoli soup with lemon-chive cream
Broccoli soup with tahini, lemon & pine nut dukkah
Carrot-maple soup
Celeriac and worcestershire soup
Cheesy broccoli beer soup, with smoky sunflower chorizo
Cheesy cauliflower soup
Chickpea soup
Chickpea, tomato and bread soup
Corn chowder
Cream of mushroom soup
Creamy red lentil chowder
Creamy roasted cauliflower and artichoke soup
Creamy roasted chipotle soup
Curried eggplant soup
Curry soup
Fennel leek soup
Gnocchi pesto soup
Jerusalem artichoke soup
Legume noodle soup
Potato and leek soup
Potato soup
Pumpkin, carrot and cumin soup
Pumpkin, saffron & orange soup
Quick green soup
Roast onion soup
Roasted pumpkin and shallot soup
Sauerkraut chowder
Savoury harira soup: one, two
Slow faux pho
Spicy cauliflower soup
Spinach coconut soup
Spinach, pear & blue cheese soup
Stu's soup
Sweet potato soup
Sweet potato and cabbage soup
Sweet potato and red curry soup
Sweetcorn soup with chipotle and lime
Thai carrot and ginger soup
Thai coconut soup
Thick golden dahl
Tomato coconut soup
Tortilla soup
Vegan baked potato soup with mushroom bacon
The Veganator
Vegetable stock
Watercress & chickpea soup with rosewater & ras el hanout
White gazpacho
Wonton soup

All-the-best-bits salad
Asian-inspired salad
A chickpea thing (and a vegan, gluten-free version)
A salad for your best tomatoes
Apple walnut salad with rhubarb dressing
Artichoke & chickpea salad
Autumn apple-potato salad
Avocado & grapefruit salad
Avocado-dressed kale salad
Beetroot & avocado salad 
Beetroot & rhubarb salad
Beetroot, carrot & red cabbage slaw
Brazilian slaw
Broccoli gribiche
Broccolini & edamame salad with curry leaves & coconut
Burmese fermented tea leaf salad
Caesar salad simulation (plus a gluten-free version)
Carrots with mint & quinoa
Celeriac salad
Char-grilled broccoli with chickpeas, almonds, lemon & chilli
Chickpea & artichoke salad
Coconut samosa potato salad 
Cucumber salad with smashed garlic and ginger
Dried cherry quinoa salad
Eat-anywhere quinoa salad
Edamame noodle salad
A far-from-ordinary potato salad
Fig and goat's curd salad
Fried tofu salad
Gado gado
Georgian kidney bean salad
Ginger-peanut kale with tofu and quinoa 
Grape and haloumi salad
Green and gorgeous spring salad
Green bean salad
Green couscous
Green-on-green salad
Kale & Brussels sprout salad
Kale and coconut salad
Lentils, radicchio & walnuts with Manuka honey 
Mango and coconut rice salad
Melon salad with jalapeno-pickled pineapple
Minted quinoa with pine nuts
Mock tuna salad
Moroccan roasted carrot salad
Orange olive salad
Pad Thai salad
Pearl couscous salad
Potent orange-fennel salad
Pumpkin & chickpea salad (and another version)
Pumpkin with chilli yoghurt & coriander sauce
Quince & gorgonzola salad
Quinoa & fennel salad
Quinoa avocado salad
Quinoa salad with Persian dried lime
Rice salad with nuts & cherries 
Roasted beetroot salad
Roast vegetable salad
Roasted cauliflower, grape & cheddar salad
Roasted cauliflower & hazelnut salad (and a second version)
Roasted pear & gorgonzola salad 
Savoury strawberry salad 
The serious summer salad
Shredded Brussels sprouts and tofu salad
Simple cabbage salad
The simplest chickpea salad
Smoky baba ghanoush with roasted cauliflower, lentils & pomegranate
Spicy Moroccan carrot salad
Spring pasta salad
Spring salad
Springtime salad with ricotta & hazelnuts 
Strawberry and spinach salad
Summer corn salad
Tempeh taco salad
Thanksgiving green bean salad 
Tofu waldorf salad
Tropical 'slaw
Turkish lentil balls
Waldorf 'slaw
Warm pasta and sweet potato salad
Warm potato salad
Watercress salad
Watermelon salad
Zippy warm potato salad
Zucchini ribbons in almond pesto

Dinner on the stove
Achiote jackfruit tacos
Amazing weeknight dolsot bibimbap
Asparagus and fennel risotto
Asparagus ravioli
Asparagus stir-fry
Aussie-Asian stir-fry
Avocado tempeh filling for arepas
Baingan bharta
Bánh xèo
Barbecue veges
BBQ beans
Bean curd rolls with mango sauce
Beet cheera pachadi
Beetroot pesto pasta
Berbere black beans
Black bean chili
Black bean tofu tacos
Black pepper tofu
Bombastic BBQ bao
Braised tofu balls in brown sauce
Broccoli pine nut pasta
Burmese tofu 
Caramelised lotus root
Cauliflower dal with panch phoran
Cauliflower pesto pasta
Char koay teow
Cheesy arancini with lemon mayonnaise
Chickpea & cauliflower curry
A chickpea thing (and a vegan, gluten-free version)
Chocolate and zucchini pasta
Chorizo sausages
Citrus peanut noodles
Coconut cauliflower curry
Creamy pea pasta
Creamy spinach & soy bacon fettuccine
Creamy spring pasta bake
Crushed puy lentils with tahini & cumin
Curried peanut sauce bowl with tofu & kale
Dan dan mian
Eggplant curry
Eggy quesadillas
Experimental couscous risotto
Fennel, pumpkin and eggplant tagine
Fettuccine Alfredo
Flaked coconut bacon
Fried noodles 
Gallo Pinto (refried rice and beans)
Goat's cheese fritters (& a surprising vegan alternative)
Herby zucchini & peas with semolina porridge
Huitlacoche crepes in poblano chile sauce
Improv frittata (and a silverbeet-sausage version)
Iranian vegetable stew with dried lime
Jackfruit pulled 'pork'
Jerk-seasoned sweet potatoes & black beans 
Kari kapitan (nonya 'chicken' curry)
Khatti mithi masoor dal
Kimchi fried rice with smokey tempeh & broccoli
Knit-night stew
Kung pao seitan with asparagus
Kylie Kwong's crispy skin duck
Lentil tacos
Lentils with grilled eggplant
Maple miso tofu
Mapo tofu (and an ingredient update)
Mashed pumpkin & kale harissa polenta patties
Mixed beans with many spices
Mixed vegetables in karhi sauce
Mock crab cakes
Mock duck mix up 
Mock fish sambal goreng
Mushroom and brie croissants (and a vegan adaptation)
Mushroom and chestnut risotto
Mushroom and eggplant stew
Mushroom, lemon and tarragon tagliatelle
Mushroom paprikash
Mushroom polenta
Mustard tofu in a creamy leek sauce
Nasi lemak
Nat's pumpkin rice dish
Nonna's gnocchi sauce
Noodles with basil
Orange baked tofu
Orecciette cooked in chickpea & tomato sauce
Orecchiette with chickpeas and za'atar
Pad Thai
Palak Paneer: one, two
Pan-fried gnocchi & kale
Paneer butter masala
Paneer koftas in creamy saffron gravy
Pantry challenge chickpeas
Parippu daal
Penne with roasted eggplant, peppers and parmesan cheese
Pineapple fried rice
Polenta-crumbed zucchini
Potato & almond koftas 
Potatoes & chickpeas with sun-dried mango
Pumpkin, ricotta and pine nut ravioli with yoghurt sauce
Punjab spinach vegetable curry
Quick carrot dal
Quinoa with black beans and sweet potato
Rachel Ama's peanut stew
Red wine lentils on polenta
Refried beans
Rice noodles in grapefruit-sriracha vinaigrette 
Roast potatoes, chickpeas and spinach with spicy cashew sauce
Roast vegetable mangalore
Spanish baked beans
Spanish-style tortilla
Spiced chickpeas
Spiced yoghurt eggplant
Spicy Cajun-Creole tempeh with creamy cashew grits
Spicy eggplant and potatoes
Spicy fried edamame & tofu with eggplant & soba noodles
Spicy tempeh and broccolini pasta
Spinach and black bean burrito bowl
Stealthy yellow couscous
Steamed red seitan
Sun-dried tomato, spinach & ricotta fritters
Sushi: one, two, three, four
Swedish meatballs
Sweet'n'sour mock pork 
Sweet soy Brussels sprouts & tofu
Tasty tomato striped pasta
Tempeh & mushroom pasta
Tempeh rendang
Thai green curry
Thai-style mild mixed vegetables
Toby's Singapore noodles
Tofu & French beans in chraimeh sauce
Tofu in lemongrass broth
Tofu, tempeh and pumpkin stew
Tofu with hot & sour rhubarb sauce
Tortilla Española
Tortilla stack with blackbean and sweet potato hash
Trailwalker macaroni
TVP chilli
TVP tacos with refried black beans
Unholy mole
Urad dal with coconut and coriander
Vegan saag 'paneer'
Vegetable Manchurian
Vegetarian cassoulet
Vegetarian hor fun
Vegie stir-fry with tamarind and chipotle sweet-hot sauce
Vegetable pistachio korma
A very full vegetable tart
Waffled tofu & rice 
Walnut pesto pasta
White beans & cabbage
White beans, 'bacon' & leeks on polenta
Wholemeal shortcrust pastry
Will's tofu dish
Winter vegetable tagine
Wokked-up cashews, quinoa and pineapple

Dinner in the oven
Asparagus & mushroom tart
Asparagus & ricotta tart with miso & black garlic
Asparagus & white bean pesto tart
Baked mushrooms with herbed fetta
Baked peanut tempeh
Baked polenta & romanesco sauce with a warm bean salad
Baked stuffed mushrooms with herb and lemon gremolata
Baked zucchini and 'bacon' risotto
Baked zucchini flowers
Bean and cheese tomato quesadillas
Bean and tortilla bake
Broccoli & gorgonzola pie (and a vegan alternative)
Buffalo cauliflower-stuffed potatoes
Cabbage rolls
Caramelised onion and fennel tart
Carrot-crusted beetroot tart
Casserole for Kirsten
Cauliflower & caramelised onion tart
Cheese & tomato quiche (and a vegan alternative)
Cheesy spinach-stuffed crepes (and a vegan, gluten-free alternative)
The cheesy tuna bake that isn't
'Chicken' and mushroom satay sticks
'Chicken' parma
Chickpea cutlets
Chimichurri baked tofu
Chimichurri pumpkin bowl
Chimichurri tempeh empanadas with mint-onion relish
Chipotle mac'n'cheese with roasted Brussels sprouts 
Christmas tofurkey
Cindy's careless canneloni
Cornmeal crunch
Creamy corn-crusted tempeh pot pie
Creamy spring pasta bake
Curry cauliflower frittata
Eggplant cheesecake
Eggplant dressed in buttermilk
Eggplant kataifi nests
Eggplant lasagne rolls
Eggplant parmagiana
Felafel with yoghurt sauce
Fennel & walnut pie
Feta & mint filo parcels
'Fish' fingers
Gnocchi & radicchio gratin
Greenie pie
Herb crumbed pumpkin wedges
Huitlacoche crepes in poblano chile sauce
I-can't-believe-it's-not-meat pies
Jackfruit pulled 'pork'
Jumbo samosas
Kale & leek bake
Kentucky-style seitan ribz
'Lamb' korma pilaf
Lancashire hotpot
Lasagne of unprecedented extravagance 
Leek, mushroom and asparagus pie
Lentils with grilled eggplant
Luscious Moroccan pumpkin
Maggie's burnished eggplant and leek tart
Marinated mushrooms
Miso-curry pumpkin 
Mushroom souffle
Mushroom stout stew with potato dumplings
Mustardy cabbage pasta bake
Non-sausage rolls
North African tempeh tagine
Nut roast
Nutty carrot'n'cumin roast
Nutty crumbed cauliflower
Paprikash pies
Parmesan herb risotto cake
Pastry squares
Pâté en croûte
Piquant pumpkin pie
Pizza: one, two, three, four, five
Pomegranate-glazed tempeh & vegetables 
Potato-chickpea enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce
Potato-crusted silverbeet pie
Pumpkin sage pasta bake
Savoury baclava
Savoury bread pudding
Savoury quinoa cake
Savoury vegetable loaf
Seitan roast
Seitan saltado 
Semolina gnocchi (and again)
Shepherd's pie
Silverbeet calzoni
Soft tofu tacos
Spiced chickpea pastry
Spinach kofta
Stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed white nut roast
Stuffed zucchini: one, two
Supreme beetroot
Sweet potato and adobo pie
Sweet potato wedges with lemongrass crème fraiche
Taleggio & spinach roulade
Tandoori vegetables
Tempeh lasagne
Tempeh with a lil' less Buffalo
Tomato frangipane tart
Vegan enchiladas with coriander-cashew cream
Vegan sausage rolls
Vegetable moussaka with pine nut cream
Vegetarian cassoulet
Vegetarian lasagne
Vegie roast
Walnut-crusted tofu cutlets

Not too shy to fry (occasionally!)
Basic braised tofu
Beetroot fritters
Besan fritters
Black pepper tofu
Buffalo tofu
Caramelised tofu
Carrot fritters
Cheese & herb fritters with tomato jam
Chickpea cutlets
Chickpea sauté with Greek yoghurt
Chilli lime tamarind tofu
'Fish' in tamarind sauce
Fried rice
Fried tofu salad
General Tso's tofu
Glazed seitan with smoky onions
Gochujang fried cauliflower 
Grape and haloumi salad
Haloumi sandwiches
Heaven-sent haloumi
Johnny Blaze cakes
Kentucky fried seitan
Kentucky fried tofu goes gleegan 
Millet munchables
Palm sugar fried tempeh 
Paneer koftas in creamy saffron gravy
Panir steaks with maple syrup marinade
Polenta chips with avocado and yoghurt dip
Pomegranate tofu
Potato & almond koftas 
Potato pancakes: one, two
Risotto cakes
Saganaki with peppered figs 
Seitan chops with apple sauce
Sort-of spring rolls
Soy bombs
Spring onion pancakes
Sun-dried tomato, spinach & ricotta fritters
Sweet potato patties
Szechuan pepper tofu 
Tempeh, not bacon
Tofu chicharrones
Tofu kebabs with cucumber yoghurt sauce
'Tuna' patties
Turkish Delight doughnuts
Vegan sausages
A vege barbeque
Vege pancakes
WuBQ tofu
Zucchini falafel 

Cakes & pies
Apple caramel tart
Apple pastry with cashew cream
Apricot, walnut and lavender cake
Baked cherry-chocolate cheesecake
Baked passionfruit cheesecake
Banana & molasses cake
Banana & strawberry cupcakes
Banana bread (and an embellished version)
Banana butterscotch pudding
Banana cake
Beetroot chocolate fudge cake
Blueberry & cream cheese crostata
Bougatsa me Krema
Brand D chocolate cake
Brazilian carrot cakes (plus a vegan version)
Brownie-style chocolate cake with espresso mascarpone
Butterscotch sultana duff
Cappuccino cupcakes
Carrot cupcakes
Cherry pie that's worth a stop (and notes on a vegan version)
Choc nutella pudding (and a vegan alternative)
Chocolate and pear tart
Chocolate cheezecake
Chocolate cherry cupcakes (and a vegan gluten-free version)
Chocolate Guinness cake
Chocolate pecan pie
Chocolate-pistachio cake
Chocolate star anise cake with coffee caramel cream
Coconut lime cupcakes
Coke & peanuts sheet cake
Conglomerate cupcakes
Dolla's (husband's) cheesecake (and a vegan, frozen version)
Fig & goat's cheese tart
Fig & walnut friands
Flourless chocolate cake
Flourless chocolate layer cake with walnuts & rosewater cream
Flourless coconut & chocolate cake
Frozen chocolate crunch (and a vegan, gluten-free version)
Ginger & treacle cake
Ginger chocolate cheesecake cups
Gingerbread cheezecake
Gingerbread layer cake
Gingerbread with lemony apples & crème fraîche
Grape cake
Great Canadian Ketchup Cake
Honey, miso & walnut pie
Jane's Mum's apple torte
Jenny's apple cake
Lazy day peach and apple pie
Lemon & blueberry loaf
Lemon self-saucing pudding
Linzer cupcakes
Little lemon cheesecakes
Mandarin-chocolate ganache tart 
Mandarin maple pudding
Mars brownie cups
Martha's buttery apple pie 
Mini fruit pies
Mocha cupcakes (and a different vegan version)
Mont Blanc tart
Mum's orange cake
My kind of meringue
Om Ali
Orange, yoghurt & cardamom cake
Pastry jaffles
Peach & semolina custard tart
Peaches & cream tart
Peanut butter and blueberry pie 
Peanut butter crumble cake
Pecan pie (vegan)
Persian love cake
Quince & blueberry crumble cake
Raspberry custard cake
Raw Lime Pie
Red velvet cupcakes
Reese's poptarts
Reindeer cupcakes
Rhubarb and ginger pudding
Rhubarb & strawberry crumble cake
Rhubarb tartlets
Rum & raisin ricotta cake
Rum'n'raisin cocoa cake
Salad dressing cupcakes
Snickerdoodle cake
Spicy sweet potato pie
Sticky banana pudding
Sticky fig pudding with salted caramel & coconut topping
Sticky-rubber date pudding
Strawberry & rhubarb poptarts
Strawberry and rhubarb pudding
Tofu-ricotta cheesecake
Torta Sacher
Un-beet-able chocolate cake
Vegan, gluten-free self-saucing chocolate pudding
Winter plum cake
Zucchini bread

Slices & biscuits
ANZAC biscuits
Apple peanut butter crumble slice
Aunty Ral's gingernuts 
Basic vegan brownies
Bittersweet Symphony slice
Bling'n'zing biscuits
Blonde choc-nut cookies
Bollywood biscotti
Brunsli chocolate cookies
Bubble slice - plus three-shades-of-brown and vanilla-vegan versions
Buckwheat butter cookies with cocoa nibs
Butter pecan turtle bars (and notes on a vegan version, and a gluten-free vegan version)
Butterscotch biscuits
Can't-stop choc-chip cookies
Caramel slice (now with added peanut butter)
Carrot cake-in-a-biscuit
Carnival cookies
Cheesecake brownies
Cherry slice: four ways, and then four more ways
Choc chip cookies
Chocolate and ginger biscuits
Chocolate-backed coconut macaroons
Chocolate beetroot brownies
Chocolate chip shortbread cookies
Chocolate Mexican wedding biscuits
Chocolate mousse slice
Chocolate orange butter biscuits
Chocolate raspberry sandwich cookies
Chocolate-sesame sandwich cookies
Chunky monkey cookies (and a choc-cherry-almond version)
CNY peanut cookies
CNY pineapple tarts
Coffee walnut splodges
Compost cookies
Cream cheese brownies
Creamy cashew-coconut slice
Cryptic cookies
Date & orange crumble slice
Date and pecan slice
Doffie biscuits 
Double-double chocolate sesame cookies
Ginger cheesecake slice 
Ginger drop biscuits
Gingernut hedgehog
Half-baked choc-chip cookies
Heidi's Nikki's healthy cookies
Jamie Oliver's vegan brownies
Kaju katli
Kiwi cashew slice
Kiwi cocoa crunches
Lovely lemon slice (plus two more lemon slice recipes)
Macadamia & lemon myrtle biscuits
Tahini shortbread cookies  
Vanilla slice
White chocolate brownies
White Christmas

Other Sweets
Almond jelly with lychees & melon
Amish apple dumplings
Apple quesadillas
Apricot and walnut bread pudding
Banana notella tortillas
Barbecued peaches with ginger-coconut sauce
Basil icecream, dairyful and dairy-free
Black rice icecream
Caramelised white chocolate icecream
Caribbean rice dessert
Carob truffles
Cassata (and here's a vegan, gluten-free version)
Cherry and vanilla icecream
Cherry-pistachio icecream slices
Cherry sorbet
Chilli-sugared pineapple
Choc-banana icecream
Choc-ice magic
Chocolate almond figs
Chocolate & raspberry icecream
Chocolate beer waffles
Chocolate berry custard
Chocolate crème brûlée
Chocolate gelato
Chocolate halva sundae
Chocolate, rose & walnut icecream
Chocolate sorbet
Chocolate tahini-dressed bananas
Chocolate vicecream
Cinammon vanilla icecream
Citrus & pistachio icecream
Cocoa crackles 
Coconut chocolate nut truffles
Coconut rice pudding
The Cook's chocolate pots de creme
Cookies'n'malted cream icecream
Creamy vanilla cashew ice
Crème brûlée
Crunchy chewy chocolate clusters
Date, rum and pecan icecream
Dates in cardamom coffee
Dessert pesto: one, two
DIY Golden Gaytime
Easter buns
Espresso & oat truffles
Frog in a vegan pond
Frozen lamingtons
Frozen yoghurt
Fruit crumble: one, two, three
Ginger chocolate clusters
Ginger-lime cheesecake icecream
Grilled figs in pomegranate syrup
Gulab jamun
Indian mango rice pudding
Juicy summer fruits
Kiwi sorbet
Lemon posset
Malted banana icecream
Maya gold chocolate mousse
Mango & coconut splice blocks
Mango coconut splice jellies 
Mango-coconut spliced icecream
Mango-lime posset
Melon salad with jalapeno-pickled pineapple
Meringue nests with green herb sorbet
Messy cheesecake
Molasses & walnut icecream
Muhallabiya, two ways
Neapolitan icecream
Nutella icecream
Orange tiramisu
Orange-scented cashew ice
Orange-Szechuan pepper icecream
Passionfruit icecream
Pav cups
PB potatohead icecream
Peanut butter & jelly icecream 
Peanut butter bliss-in-a-ball
Pear & caramel icecream
Peppermint patsies
Pomegranate poached quinces
Pulla (and some extra tips for shaping and baking)
Raspberry banana sorbet
Raspberry Ripe cups
Raspberry ripple icecream
Raspberry rippled coconut icecream
Ricotta-stuffed figs with orange syrup (plus a vegan alternative, and a peachy version
Reese's pretzels
Rhubarb & coconut sago
Rhubarb & strawberry sorbet
Rhubarb compote
Rice malt icecream
Rice pudding
Rocky-ish road
Rum and raisin tiles
Saffron icecream
Salted butter caramel icecream (and my preferred adaptation)
Sémola con vino
Sherry-roasted rhubarb with coconut cream
Spicy pecan chocolate icecream
Steamed custard buns 
Strawberry and basil compote
Strawberry & rose sundaes
Strawberry bread pudding
Strawberry chocolate clusters
Strawberry-rose cobbler with a lemony lattice
Strawberry icecream
Summer fruits & tapioca pearls in makrut lime syrup
Surprise mint choc-chip icecream
Sweet filo cigars
Sweet yoghurt plait bread
Syrupy stone fruit
Tapioca pearl pudding
Turkish Delight doughnuts
Vanilla peach frozen yoghurt
Vietnamese coffee icecream
Watermelon sorbet
White chocolate bark
White chocolate kulfi
Xmas pudding bites

Aaron & Sophie's kombucha
Banana-date smoothie
Chai concentrate 
Chunky monkey shake
Hot chocolate
Indian style lemonade
Joma's lemon cordial
Lebanese lemonade
Mango lassi
Pauline's world famous smoothie
Thyme sugar syrup
Vegan nog

Odds & ends
Assorted Indian groceries
Baby cauliflower
Donnini's homemade pasta
Blueberries for breakfast
The couscous experiment: one, two, three
Cheaters' chickpea curry
Cheatin' pepperoni
Custard tarts from Casa Iberica
Dagoba chocolate
Funky pies: one, two
Green tea chocolate
Hot dog
Kentucky fried tofu
Korean kim chi chocolate
L'Edel De Cleron
Little pumpkin
Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage rolls
Maesri curry paste
Masala dosai
Meiji 86% cacao
Meiji milk chocolate
Minh Phat munchies
Mistaken muffins
Monsieur Truffe chocolate
Mystery orbs
Pandan 'chicken'
Tempeh chips
Tofutti cuties
Wu Chung mock duck