Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 9, 2006: Mushroom polenta

Another day, another Sydney Road inspired dinner. This time we started off with the polenta and the porcini mushrooms. Cindy was uninspired by her mushroom-focussed cookbook, so after some judicious internet searching, we settled on this recipe. I won't bother retyping the whole recipe seeing as it's right at the other end of that link: basically it's a bunch of mushrooms (including some soaked porcinis) fried with some garlic, thyme, stock and wine (we used sherry instead) served up some fried polenta squares.

We added some fresh greens and roasted capsicum strips to fill out the meal. The polenta was crisp on the outside and soft and a bit doughy inside - a good combination with the liquidy mushroom topping. The rehydrated porcini mushrooms and the sherry dominated the taste, enhanced by the thyme and parsley. I'm not sure if I'd rush back to make this particular dish again, but I'm pretty enthused about going back to polenta in the near future.


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