Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 17, 2006: Umago

Cindy had biscuit baking to do on Tuesday night, so we opted for a lazy night of takeaway. Unfortunately neither of us felt much like eating anything based on rice, meaning Indian and Thai were off the agenda, leaving us hunting for some good takeaway pizza. We'd tried Mr. Natural pizza previously, but given Melbourne's (and particularly Carlton's) reputation as pizza-town, were pretty sure we could do better. None of the Italian places on Lygon Street jumped out at us as being good takeaway options, so we gave Umago in Fitzroy a shot. I walk past it most afternoons on my way home from work, and have never been that excited by its slightly tacky looking exterior, but its menu looked impressive and they delivered, so that was good enough for us.

There are four gourmet vego options, plus a couple of plainer choices, though the big 'V' next to the seafood pizza bothers me irrationally. We went for a Mexican (beans, corn chips, capsicum, avocado, sweet chilli and sour cream) and a roast pumpkin (pumpkin, sun-dried tomato pesto, mushrooms, marinated capsicum and goat's cheese). Both were delicious, with well-cooked bases of medium thickness and a generous amount of toppings. Between the sweet-chilli on the Mexican and the pumpkin on the other, things were a little sweet for me, but that's just nitpicking really - these were some good pizzas, and are currently on top of our takeaway pizza table (any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated).

Address: 171-173 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Phone: 9417 4664
Price: Gourmet: $12.80 (med), $16.20 (lge)



  1. My favourite take-away or eat in pizza is I Carusi in Brunswick. I'm yet to find better pizza in Melbourne. These pizzas are ones for the fans of the thin crust. Yum - I want one now!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Adski! I'm definitely a thin crust fan, so I'll try I Carusi next time we're talking takeaway pizza.