Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 14, 2006: Ici

Update, August 1 2013: More news from Fitzroyalty! Looks like Ici is reopening very soon.
Update, July 5 2013: As reported by Fitzroyalty, Cafe Ici has closed down.

The weekend got underway with breakfast at Ici, a cosy cafe tucked away off Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Despite its slightly out of the way location, Ici's reputation ensures there's quite a demand for tables, which we'd unfortunately discovered through personal expierence. This time we were smart and got there 'early' - 9a.m. counting as early in Fitzroy on a Saturday morning - and had no trouble getting seats. A quick scan of the blackboard menu made it clear that we'd have no trouble picking out vegetarian breakfast options: scrambled tofu with miso paste and mushrooms, French toast with fresh fruit and creme fraiche, three kinds of muesli and plenty of egg-based options - everything was organic and the eggs were free-range. Cindy showed admirable restraint and settled on fruit toast and pot of ginger roobios tea.

The toast was well-fruited, with big chunks of dried apricot and dates, and tea was pleasant, although there was very little ginger taste to be found.

The real success story of the morning though was my omelette - filled with char-grilled asparagus and "ol' bitey cheese", covered with salsa verde and onion marmalade and served with two pieces of sourdough toast.

The onion marmalade was caramelised and sweet, contrasting nicely with the slightly spicy salsa and the sharp cheese buried throughout the omelet. There were plenty of asparagus spears cooked into the omelette and they were cooked perfectly. The sourdough toast was delicious, but sourdough isn't particularly well suited to mopping up omelette leftovers - probably the only negative about my meal. The two coffees I had were great as well.

Address: 359 Napier Street, Fitzroy
Phone: 9417 2274
Price: Breakfasts $5 - $15

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