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August 7, 2006: Lentil as Africa

Yesterday was a beautiful Melbourne spring day, so Cindy and I decided to wander up through Brunswick and explore Sydney Road. While Cindy browsed through a couple of trendy second hand clothes shops, I rifled through our Cheap Eats guide to find a suitable lunch place for us. Sydney Road is littered with ethnic eateries, pubs, clubs and a smattering of trendy cafes, so there was no shortage of options in the vicinity. On our way to my first choice, Ray, we stumbled across 'Lentil as Africa', one of the restaurants in the Lentil as Anything 'chain'.

Lentil as Africa is a non-profit cafe that is run by an African women's co-operative. They serve vegetarian African food every night and do breakfasts on the weekend. The setting is decidedly un-African - the walls covered with indie rock posters and hipster art. The furniture looked distinctly recycled and the whole place was comfortably shabby.

The all day breakfast menu was pretty egg-centric (sorry), and I couldn't resist the "green eggs" - scrambled eggs with basil, feta and a drizzle of pesto served on a thick slice of toast.

Cindy opted for mushrooms on toast, with parmesan, balsamic reduction and a smidgin of pesto.

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our food and particularly enjoyed just sitting there and soaking up the ambience - we're definitely going to go back one day soon and try out the African dinners.

Edit 21/07/07: Too late! On our wander along Victoria St last weekend, number 328 was completely empty. Let us know if LAA moved and you know the new address - the old one is still listed on their website.

Address: 328 Victoria Street, Brunswick
Phone: 9387 4647
Price: Breakfast: $5-$10/Dinner: Pay whatever you think it's worth

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