Monday, October 02, 2006

September 30, 2006: Brunetti IV

I figured our guests from the north would be wowed more by the shelves and shelves of cakes at Brunetti than anything I could prepare. Michael and I joined in with more than half a heart apiece. In the left corner is my choc-hazelnut parfait. Ornately decorated firm chocolate icing concealing a moist dense chocolate cake. The candied orange was a welcome break in an intensely chocolatey (and overly sugary) experience. In the right corner is Michael's Grand Marnier tart. The chocolate pastry case was dominated by a weird jellyish custard that tasted faintly of orange, but not delicious liqueur orange. Dad and Anne seemed to enjoy both the range of cakes and their eventual choices, although I suspect Dad wanted to possess one of the enormous profiterole towers. For me, the quest for the perfect Brunetti treat continues.



  1. I admit to not having explored many of the more decorative of Brunetti's offerings, but the ricotta and chocolate croissant is a little piece of something fabulous.

  2. I only just dicovered the separate pastry display on this fourth trip. Thanks for the tip! I've got to stop getting suckered into the frilly ones, and a croissant just might do it.