Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blueberries for breakfast

One of Kitchen Wench's recent posts brought to my attention that blueberries are currently as cheap and flavoursome as they ever get in Australia. I bought a little punnet and they've been a novel addition to our cereal for a couple of mornings. Blueberries have that way of bursting with refreshing watery juice in your mouth when you bite into them, like cherry tomatoes. They remind me of numerous diner breakfasts I had in the US during 2004. We arrived in January and the fruit salads on offer typically consisted of fresh blueberries and horrible tasteless melon. It was the first time I'd sampled the kind of granola I'm eating now too, and even the bran muffins were super-sweet and doughy. Those Americans can make almost any meal seem like dessert!


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