Monday, May 02, 2011

March 18 - April 19 , 2011: Breakfast wraps (breakfast serial part VIII)

I haven't let up on my breakfast experiments, I've just been noodling around with breakfast wraps this last month.  My formula is to fry up some veges, maybe an egg or some tofu, heat up a tortilla in the same pan, then wrap it all up with some herbs or condiments.  I like 'em best with a glass of orange juice.

My first one, pictured above, featured a fried egg, barbecue sauce, sprouts, caramelised onions, and coriander.

Then I moved onto silken tofu with cabbage, mushroom oyster sauce, parsley and garlic chives.

That warranted some adaptation: next I cooked the tofu and cabbage with garlic powder and chickpea flour and topped it all with date and lime chutney.

When I found myself with eggs again, I teamed them with more cabbage, hoisin sauce and my newly purchased shichimi togarashi.  A day later, I added in some shiro miso for extra flavour.

Finally, I skipped the frypan, grilling some cheddar and tomato onto the wraps and folding them around spinach and rocket leaves.

Most days a breakfast wrap takes no more than 10 minutes and they're handy for using up fridge scraps.  That's reason enough to work them into my breakfast schedule.  All the better that there's a bit of variety amongst them and most taste terrific!

Got any brekkie wrap tips or winning fillings?  I can't help thinking that I should be working more beans into the mix.

I'm submitting this post to The Breakfast Club, which has a savoury vegetarian theme in its 7th round and will be hosted by Johanna GGG.


  1. My favourite breakfast wrap: scrambled eggs with feta, pesto, spinach, tomato and garlic dip... the dip makes it!

  2. Hi arnie! That sounds delicious. What's in your garlic dip besides garlic?

  3. Cindy, I have to say I really really like the breakfast serial (and love the punny name). Inspiring! Thanks for doing it :)

  4. Thank you, Cathy! There'll be more to come, though they're slowing down a little. :-)

  5. Thanks for sending this in Cindy. Great ideas that take you out of the normal tea and toast routine. I love the one with tofu cabbage and chickpea flour - did you add the chickpea flour because the other tofu scramble was a little watery in the wrap or is just just for flavour?

    My only breakfast wrap on my blog is quite complicated - it is a breakfast burrito - I would highly recommend it - and I think just components would be good - for example some fried potatoes, sliced tomato and guacaamole might be interesting in a breakfast wrap. I would also love a veg bacon (with tofu or the one I make with buckwheat and beans) with tomato and cheese or avocado.

  6. Thanks for taking part in breakfast club!

    I love wraps for breakfast too! Great for when you are on the move!

  7. Johanna - yes, my silken tofu was rather watery the first time, which is what inspired the chickpea flour. It didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped, though. Needs more experimentation! I reckon potatoes, tomato and guacamole would make an excellent wrap.

    Welcome, Helen! What a great idea for a regular event. I'm exploring new breakfast ideas semi-regularly as a Breakfast Serial. :-)