Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 14, 2011: Coco Loco III

Update 31/12/2014: Coco Loco has changed its name to Papasito and its emphasis to Mexican food. It's still run by the same owner and still has a decent range of vegan options.

After dinner at Discobeans, we moved on to Coco Loco. We were lucky to score the booth against the back wall - it's a comfy spot to survey the space and a little of High St, too.

Michael and I looked no further than the evening's specials before ordering.  He went with three truffles ($10) and a coffee.  The ganache-filled one was right up his alley; the other two impressed him less.

I splashed out on a Mulata ($20) - marinated cherries under dark chocolate mousse, topped with a cherry liqueur-infused white chocolate ganache.  Funnily, the vegan adaptation ordered by one of our companions looked prettier, with the white chocolate layer replaced by an elegant curl of dark chocolate gelato.  All the accompaniments were very nice, to be sure, but nothing can take my attention away from this mousse for long - smooth and dark and a little earthy, just magnificent.

Melbourne boasts a number of excellent chocolatiers; among them Coco Loco is probably most notable for its range of vegan and gluten-free options.  And it's all proudly Fair Trade!  The fine service and quality products are certainly sufficient to keep those of us with less restrictive diets coming back for more.

You can read about a couple of our previous Coco Loco visits here and here.

Coco Loco has a very positive reception in blog-land: see words@random, fitzroyalty, The Tasty Dozen, this is weeny, Vegan About Town (who had a reservation mishap amongst the fun) and Two Flat Whites.

Coco Loco
219 High St, Northcote
9482 7033
desserts $3.50-$20

Accessibility: Coco Loco looks pretty good - wide flat entry, plenty of space and attentive table service. Not sure about the toilets.


  1. Sounds like a lovely, environmentally conscious business. Will definitely keep an eye out if I'm in the area!

  2. I like the fact that they have vegan and gluten-free options - and that they use fare-trade chocolate. A winner all round. WIll definitely give this one a try!

  3. Wow, vegan-friendly and fair trade chocolate heaven.

  4. Oooh! Vegan chocolate deliciousness! I'm coming back to Melbourne for a work+weekend trip in two weeks' time, so might see if I can get here :)