Friday, February 29, 2008

February 23, 2008: Caramelised Tofu

Cindy was quite taken with this recipe when she saw it on 101 Cookbooks, and we set aside Sunday evening to give it a crack ourselves. We made a few small changes to Heidi's recipe, substituting some fried Asian greens for her brussel sprouts, almonds for her pecans, and adding some quinoa on the side.

The tofu's the main event though - surprisingly sweet for the fairly small dash of sugar in the recipe and augmented brilliantly by the crunchy almonds. The garlic played its role as well, taking some of the focus off the sugary taste. Our greens and quinoa turned the meal into a Shakahari worthy affair (although we didn't make it quite as photogenic as they would have), for surprisingly little effort. This probably only took thirty minutes or so to put together, and would easily fit into a school-night schedule. Throw in the super nutritional value (tofu, greens and quinoa!), and you've got yourself a pretty special recipe. It's even vegan!

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