Wednesday, January 05, 2011

December 28, 2010: Chilli-sugared pineapple

Check it out - we have a blowtorch!  This was a birthday gift from K and Toby, and in the picture above Michael's using it to blast another birthday gift, coconut sugar from Steph.  (Steph has written a little more about coconut sugar on her blog.)

Since I first tasted pineapple and chilli together in Veganomicon's quinoa stir-fry, I've been keen to combine them in a dessert.  The aim here was to sprinkle finely chopped red chilli and the coconut sugar on fresh pineapple slices, then torch the sugar until it became a crispy caramel, topping it all with coconut icecream. This we did, though the effect wasn't quite as I'd hoped.  I think we need more chilli, more sugar, and possibly more patience next time.


  1. that is a mean looking tool - now wonder it is pairing up with chilli :-)

  2. shame, it didn't work as planned but hoped it was fun to use :-)

  3. The first time my parents used their blowtorch, it was also a rather lacklustre event. :P I look forward to seeing what you make as you get the hang of it! Although this already completely floats my boat.

  4. Ha, Johanna! Yes, it is one of our more formidable appliances. :-)

    K, I don't think there's any problem with the torch. As Hannah noted, we just need to get the hang of it! (And I need to get a bit bolder.)

    Hannah, I think this dish is worth at least one more try while pineapple is in season.

    Steph, I love it! And I'm rationing it out carefully. :-)