Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 10, 2011: The Gasometer III

11/11/2013: We're sad to report the closure of our beloved Gasometer.

We've been by the Gasometer a couple more times, and the menu has recently been downsized a little.  There's still plenty to enjoy, though!  We were disappointed to miss out on the manchege-filled croquettas served with smoked garlic aioli and consoled ourselves with fried olives stuffed with goats curd ($8).  They're a perfect beer-time amusement.

The Spanish style mushrooms ($9) are juicy and laden with smoked paprika.  The bread's best saved 'til last, so as to soak up all the sauce.

The salsa board ($12) is a light and novel alternative to the usual pub nachos.  The tortilla chips seem to be fried and salted to order, and the salsas are full of fresh ingredients like pineapple, avocado and corn.

Michael was underwhelmed by the black bean and chilli burrito ($16).  Though he liked the accompanying pico de gallo and cashew cream, their flavours weren't quite sufficient to enliven a bland beans'n'rice filling.

Onto dessert!  (And some poorly lit and shot photos - sorry.)  A recent vegan and gluten-free option has been a Mexican spiced chocolate tart served with coffee cream ($11).  It's stuff to send the heart of any restricted-diet sweet tooth aflutter, and is a worthy selection for any omnivore too.

I've got to admit, though, it was upstaged by peanut butter cup icecream sandwich ($11).  Vanilla icecream and crushed peanuts squished between whopping brownie slabs - bold and oh, so beautiful.

The Gasometer folk are doing great things with the pub menu format.  Theirs is a novel variety of bar snacks and hearty meals that suit most dietary requirements.  And though it's no prerequisite, they're doing a bang-up job with desserts too.

You can read our previous posts on the Gasometer here and here.  Since then, it's also been featured on Veg in the West and Black Bunny Carousel.


  1. I thought I was impressed by the salsa board. But then I saw the words "peanut butter", and my heart was stolen.

  2. Peanut butter cup ice cream sandwich *mews*

  3. I've only eaten savoury fare at the Gasometer so far, but I keep reading about all these delicious desserts. I think that peanut butter cup ice cream sandwich may persuade me to forgo a beer and eat dessert next time though. It looks insanely good!

  4. I'm glad this dessert is receiving due attention, in spite of my terrible photo!