Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 23, 2010: The Gasometer II

11/11/2013: We're sad to report the closure of our beloved Gasometer.

On Tuesday night, K and I hit Gasometer to try a couple more of their veg options.  I went for the super-cute vegan chorizo burger ($15) - it arrives crowned with a pickled onion on a stick, in a basket with chips and a cucumber pickle and squeezy ketchup and mustard on the side.  These are the same to-die-for steak fries I ordered for my first Gasometer dinner, and we certainly didn't let any go to waste.

The burger is outfitted right - the bun, lettuce, roasted peppers and chimichurri aioli are rocking the support roles.  Toby has declared this the best vegan patty he's ever had, but unfortunately I can't say the same - mine was a bit mushy and squished out the sides of the bun with every bite.  And I wasn't tasting spiciness or smokiness.  It wasn't a bad burger, it just wasn't evoking chorizo for me at all.

I would consider revisiting the Gasometer's burger but for now I'll continue to roam the rest of their menu (and graze on the chips whenever possible!).

You can read about our first visit to the Gasometer here.  Since then it's also been blogged by Veg in the West.


  1. Oooh a must try - so close to my house. Being pregnant at the moment I'm a big sucker for chips in any form :)

  2. dang! For a second there, I actually thought - from the picture- that it was a beef pattie! LOL

    Yes, many times, when a burger fails, the chips would usually save the meal