Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 17, 2010: Funky Pies II

We've already mentioned the wonderful pies produced by Sydney's Funky Pies and sold by local supermarket superstar Radical Grocery, but we thought it worth mentioning that there's a new flavour available. We grabbed a couple of "G'day Satay" pies last week and used them as the basis for a very lazy Sunday lunch. The pastry casing is as good as ever, a vegan miracle, but its contents didn't rock my world. The sauce is sweet and lacking in any spice, and the filling was mostly starchy vegetables (potato, pumpkin etc). It wasn't bad at all, but I think if I'm having a pie from the freezer for lunch I really want it to be something that reminds me of all the meat pies I ate in my pre-veg years. So the Funky Chunky, La Panella or Cindy's homemade versions are much more likely to get me excited.


  1. Can't agree more.
    Funky Chunky is TEH BEZT! I also like Eezy Chic n Cheezy Pie.

  2. Very nice looking pies. That pie has my weekly intake of vegetables in one small space.