Friday, October 08, 2010

September 27-30, 2010: Some weeknight dinners

Our weeknight meals began with a small bunch of silverbeet and a bag of mushrooms from our vege box.  Michael sauteed them with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and a little agave nectar, while I made soft polenta using this recipe.  Though we'd intended to eat it all, we had leftovers that carried on to more weeknight meals.

We re-sauteed the veges the following night as a side to tofu.  I dunked the tofu chunks in watered-down soy sauce and coated them in seasoned flour (a KFC rip-off like this one); Michael fried them.  I managed to repurpose these two crumbing elements for the gravy, thickening the liquid with the flour and adding a little tomato sauce to the mix.  We added a handful of spinach leaves to our plates and called it a meal.  The tofu/sauce combination made me very happy - I'll definitely use this approach again (... though I might go DIY on the seasoned flour).

Two nights later, it was the polenta's turn for repackaging.  By then it had firmed into a solid slab, so Michael sliced it into chunks and gently reheated it in the frypan.  For the main event he cooked onions, a can of beans and a can of tomatoes, flavoured with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and a some dried herbs.  We went for the side-salad stand-by again.  This was Michael's favourite meal of the week; it's been a while since we've cooked polenta at home and I'll think he'll be bringing it into our regular rotation.

Our home cooking is often quite recipe-driven but I enjoyed these more casual combinations.  While none of these meals was particularly grand there was lots of variety, mostly pantry ingredients and small, usuable portions of leftovers.  Simple sautés, legumes and handfuls of greens feel just right for Spring.


  1. All of these look so delicious - exactly what I feel like for dinner tonight! If only I had enough energy to get up & cook something...

  2. I haven't had polenta for a while - must remember to do so soon - a great easy meal when soft and I usually end up grilling the leftovers once they have set

  3. Am loving polenta at the 'mo. That top photo's got me thinking about tonight's dinner already, thank you.

  4. Hi guys, just wondering which company you get your vege box from? ta :)

  5. Amazing as always. I want to work in your lab ;-)

  6. nice work with the no wastage :) I love having extras and using up bits :D

  7. Meveg - it's good weeknight cooking but unfortunately not entirely effort-free!

    Johanna, I get a teensy bit frustrated with all the stirring but never regret it once I taste the finished polenta. :-)

    You're welcome, Lucy! We should eat polenta more often.

    Claire, we have a standing order with the Green Line.

    CH, I count myself lucky that there's still a place for me there. :-)

    Kate, me too! There's something very satisfying about recycling leftovers into something new.