Monday, September 17, 2007

September 8, 2007: A vege barbeque

The accommodation that Michael found for our stay near Wilson's Promontory was great: a cabin with room for four at a cheap off-peak rate, with lots of avian company and views of cows and fields and hills. But the key descriptors I noticed before we arrived were "full kitchen" and "barbeque". I don't have much experience with barbeques, but it seemed an appropriate thing to do on holiday of driving and hiking and natural surrounds, and I knew what I wanted to barbeque most of all. Haloumi.

Fortunately the barbeque area was as clean and well-equipped as we could have hoped for, with a cheery mural painted on the shelter. Cheery for a vego like me, anyway: I dunno how the average eater feels about a scene of big-eyed cows while they tuck into their steaks. (On reflection, perhaps I should say a little prayer for her calf as I tuck into my cheese steak.) Unfortunately the chilly weather and Queensland-sourced company necessitated eating indoors rather than making use of the picnic tables. Still, Jack braved the elements and carried out the actual grill-work while I generally bossed people about. It was a fairly successful combination, in my opinion - it yielded some deliciously charred pieces of haloumi (with lemon juice and black pepper, as always) and tender, smoky asparagus spears. Travelling around the plate, we also had a medley of capsicum and mushroom chunks (sauteed on the plate and dressed with some olive oil and za'atar) and some fresh greens with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Peeking in the edge of the photo is some corn. We attempted to roast these in the husk but undercooked them. I'm not directing any blame Jack's way, because he deferred to my bossing at all times!

The mixed success of this meal has served to pique my interest in the vege barbeque for the longer days and warmer nights ahead. It has demonstrated that there's much to master, while tantalising me with a couple of early successes. I've found some more ideas in Jeanne of Cook Sister!s recent meatless barbeque blog event (watch out for the seafood, fellow vegos!). Do you have any other meat-free barbeque favourites?


  1. being vegetarians, we r limited to a veggie bbq alwasy:) but we make paneer and veggie skewers, and this time i also tried the paneer-pesto burger!

  2. Hi there, and welcome to our blog! I noticed your burgers as part of the meatless barbeque list, they look great. :-)