Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 10, 2008: Rhubarb tartlets

When I planned to make strawberry and rhubarb pudding on the weekend, a minor mix-up meant that Michael and I simultaneously and separately bought big bunches of rhubarb. With nine crimson stalks left over, I embarked on a mega-quantity of rhubarb compote. An opportunity to share it around arose within days - my friend and colleague Emily (who we visited in London last June) stopped by our lab to present the last seminar of the year.

I took the low-fuss route, buying four boxes of single-serving shortcrust pastry cases and a small tub of already-dollopable cream. (I figure that home-made shortcrust and freshly-whipped pure cream are privileges reserved for eating in my home, not from the office kitchen.) As I stood in front of the seminar audience and introduced Emily, it was all I could do not to giggle as a dozen or more pairs of eyes looked not at me but at the plates of tartlets in front of them; no-one was game to pluck their portion until I gave the go-ahead. They made short work of these once I did.


  1. They look great! It sounds like your colleagues enjoyed them - they are some lucky folks. :)

  2. If it was a choice of listening to a seminar or eating tartlets, I know where my focus would be! They look awesome!

  3. Thanks, Maria! I think most people managed to (eventually) pay attention to both. :-)