Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 1, 2008: The East Brunswick Club III

Edit 22/05/2012: The EBC has now closed, but most of the menu has migrated to The Cornish Arms.
The $10 Mondays at the EBC are a sure-fire vegan winner - a board full of cheap pub food options, all veganisable with the help of cheezly and soy products. So with our fridge full of lunch leftovers, Cindy and I decided that a lazy pub meal was the order of the day. We'd envisaged parking ourselves in a corner, filling up on beer and food and riding back on home in time to get angry at the 3rd episode of The Howard Years (aside: is there anything more infuriating than Peter Reith's idiotic face? Answer: yes, Alexander Downer's pathetic simpering. Oh God, I've just got to move on).

Instead, we ran into an impromptu vegan meetup, starring Kristy and Toby, Rachel, Buttons, Caroline and T and, the guest of honour, Theresa from Tropical Vegan (visiting from Townsville). They kindly invited us to join them, and we settled in to the strange little dining room just off the main section of the pub. Cindy decided to branch out from the standard pub fare, opting for an Asian smoked duck and crispy wonton salad.

The duck was tender and duckish and the salad was fresh and plentiful, but the whole dish was smothered in some sort of sweet chilli-based sauce that was a bit too sweet and overpowered the whole dish. Still, where else can you get a vegan duck salad for $10?

I couldn't go past the pub-food options - this time I went for the cheese and bacon burger, with a big side of chips. The chips were much better than last time - surely a key factor in a good pub meal - and the burger was gigantic and delicious. Fake bacon will never quite bring the same flavours to the party as the real stuff, but the 'meat' patty was outstanding - maybe not quite up to some of our homemade efforts, but pretty close. The whole thing just filled the cheap pub meal niche brilliantly.

I was happily full after putting away my massive meal, but Cindy had been eyeing off everyone else's dessert and let me know that I should duck around and order her something. It's hard to ignore a choc-cherry cheesecake at the best of times, but I was even more intrigued to try a vegan version. I snuck a few mouthfuls away from Cindy and can confirm that it was outstanding. Lots of cherry mush smothering a delicious and slightly cheesy cake between two layers of chocolateness. Not too shabby.

The service isn't really the pub's strong point - there were some strange delays between dishes arriving at our table, but it's worth noting that the EBC was packed out again - they've really found a way to fill the pub on Mondays.

So what began as a cheap and speedy meal turned into a cheap and chatty meal - it was great to meet Theresa, Caroline and T and to catch up with most of the Melbourne vegan blogging gang. Undoubtedly we'll return to the East on a future Monday, and we're almost certain to bump into some familiar faces when we do.

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  1. Hi Michael!

    Melbourne is so lucky to have a pub like the EBC. Not just top-notch veg*n food on offer but also a great atmosphere and a consistently high standard of musical acts performing in the band room. How many pubs out there - and I am including all big cities in the world here - could claim to have the food/atmosphere/music trifecta? Very few, I am guessing (in admitted total ignorance). Now if only they would serve Mountain Goat on tap, the EBC would receive full marks!

  2. Was great to run into you guys! I was ridiiiiculously full after my cheese'n'bacon burger and half a cherry cheesecake, but went home a happy girl. Shame about the sweet chilli; I'll hold off on the duck for a while.
    A $10 feed of those proportions is good value any time!

  3. friendly vegan company sounds far preferable to the howard years (didn't we vote them out of power because we were sick of seeing their simpering faces on the telly) and the EBC is on our list of places to visit

  4. You're right, dmargster - the EBC ain't perfect, but we're lucky to have it for all of those reasons. :-)

    Lovely, as always, to see you too Miss T!

    Johanna, the Howard Years are officially over... both the series and the political era! There's plenty of time to enjoy the EBC's vegan delights in peace. :-)

  5. I'm so glad you two just happened to be there on the night that I was visiting! I'll definitely be planning my next Melbourne trip around Mondays at the EBC...

  6. Theresa, it was serendipity to be sure... though perhaps not that huge a coincidence given how popular the EBC is with veg*ns. :-)