Friday, August 25, 2006

August 14, 2006: Spinach Coconut Soup

This was originally intended to record both our cooking and our dining out adventures, but the lack of kitchen facilities has so far been fairly limiting. After three straight days eating every meal out, Tuesday was my chance to christen our spacious new kitchen with a home-cooked meal. To counter the tail-end of the Melbourne winter, I opted for a hearty soup. The recipe came from our Moosewood recipe book and was billed as a fusion between Asian and Australian cooking. It was a fairly simple unblended soup of leeks, garlic, spinach, rice, lemon juice, coconut milk and vege stock along with a few spices. To make sure it filled us up, I picked up a sourdough baguette from one of the local bakeries.

The lemon juice and coconut milk gave everything a bit of a Thai-style flavour, while the leek, garlic and stock were more reminiscent of a traditional European soup. Even with the rice, the whole thing was a little insubstantial and we managed to polish off a fair chunk of the bread as well.



  1. When you get to real food like, dead cow, doomed sheep, extinct pigs. I will rate this with more than one star. I don't care how well you describe a salad it's still just grass. Lee B.

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    sorry for not contributing much to this debate, or such and such.

  3. Lando, you are a figment of George Lucas' imagination (yes, I can google), and it would be more appropriate if you replaced those crude insults with some lame philsophy about the Force, and perhaps a couple of swooshing noises. (Congrats on the engagement, BTW.)

    If dear old Uncle Lee seems like a stirrer or a crank, that's probably because he is. But he keeps Christmas lively and shares the odd mudslide shake with me, and for that I would never condemn him to death in a ditch.