Friday, August 04, 2006

7:30pm: Dinner at the Fox Hotel

Hopefully you limited yourself to a single corn-dog or maybe a couple of the tofu strips at the Gasometer because you've still got to find room for dinner! The Fox won our hearts on our first trip and we've blogged it five times in the last 12 months. Inside it mixes a fairly grungy bar area with a slightly more formal dining area.

Outside there's a cramped downstairs courtyard (with a weird kind of table-tennis table) and then a roof-top area that is possibly the best place in Melbourne when the spring sunshine kicks in during the weeks after daylight saving starts.

The menu changes with the seasons and there's always a separate vego menu with masses of delicious meals and snacks to choose from (roughly half of it is usually vegan - it's always on their website, so you can suss out your options beforehand). You probably won't have room for snacks or starters, but they do a decent bowl of chips and some pretty excellent tofu and mushroom gyoza.

There's a long list of vego mains, which Cindy and I have almost worked our way through by now - particular highlights include the marinated tofu with wasabi mayo:

The ludicrously mushroom-heavy veg lasagne:

Salt and pepper tofu strips with papaya salad:

Even their vegie stack won Cindy's approval:
In short, we've never been disappointed by the food at The Fox and we've given them plenty of opportunities to let us down.

They've got a good range of beer on tap, the staff are lovely and you can usually squeeze your way in to a table (although if it's a sunny Friday evening and you want to sit on the roof, you should probably book). Veg-friendly pubs are something that Melbourne does amazingly well - we've gone through a serious East Brunswick Club obsession, we've dragged you into the Gasometer for their amazing vegan junk-food, and we've had plenty of other success stories as well. But The Fox is the one we keep coming back to - grab a good seat, a drink and a menu and enjoy yourself.

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