Friday, August 04, 2006

6pm: Bar snacks at the Gasometer

In the past few years Melbourne's northside pubs have really got their veg*n act together. Two in particular have become firm favourites - the Fox Hotel and here, the Gasometer. Lucky for you they're within easy walking distance of one another so we can stop by both!

I'm suggesting Gasometer first because they do a nice line in bar snacks. For a while there they had deep-fried olives stuffed with cheese (including a vegan version!), there are usually spicy Buffalo tofu strips about and more recently they've been offering cute little pairs of vego corn dogs, with all the ketchup and mustard you could possibly need on the side. The menu might have changed again by the time you visit but I'm willing to bet there'll be something deep-fried and salty on offer that's way better than pub nachos.

Once you've finished that drink,
we'd best move on to the Fox for dinner.

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