Saturday, August 05, 2006

6:30pm: Dinner & drinks at Smith & Daughters

Smith & Daughters became our new favourite restaurant the moment it opened its doors. Our fandom borders on the obsessive, and there's no question that our 12-hour tour should wrap up here. Obviously we planned ahead and booked a table.

Even an occasional drinker like me gets drawn into the cocktail menu here - splash out on whatever takes your fancy. If you'd prefer to bypass the booze, there are some very good mocktails and juices too.

When it comes to food, everything's vegan and latin-inspired and many dishes are gluten-free. If it's still on the menu, I'd highly recommend pairing your cocktail with the warm layered queso dip and corn chips.

My major S&D weakness is the tuna & pea croquettas - I think I've ordered one of these squidgy, salty treats every time I've seen them on the menu (... yep, even for breakfast).

Look, there's a lot of excellent fried stuff on the menu. Just go for it, you won't be disappointed.

It's worth getting a salad to share around and cut through the fat, perhaps the Brazilian slaw or the artichoke and chickpea salad.

And finally, don't resist dessert - even if you can only fit in one or two bites, the quince-filled Spanish doughnuts are delightful.

Smith & Daughters is always open late, so linger as long as you like. Whenever you're done, we hope you'll roll home satisfied, and as fond of Melbourne's inner north as we are.

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