Friday, August 04, 2006

1pm: Lunch at Mankoushe

In the last twelve months Mankoushe has quickly become the go-to place for Cindy and I when we're looking for a cheap, excellent weekend lunch (its only rival is Trippy Taco, but it suffers from being further from our house and being on my regular work lunch rotation). Mankoushe blends together the traditional Lebanese bakeries of Sydney Road with the burgeoning trendiness of Brunswick East to come up with a source of cheap, bready delights with Dylan or Led Zeppelin blasting out of the stereo. It's a great combination.

The word is well and truly out these days, so you'll probably have to wait a while for your lunch. They make everything fresh, so whether you order the zataar bread ($2) or go for the full falafel ($8.50), you'll get to see your bread rolled out and baked freshly in their giant oven. The baking makes such a difference - everything comes out hot and amazingly fresh. Restraint is impossible.

It's fun just watching them work - they churn through the orders, stirring their dough together in an almost cartoonishly-sized mixing bowl and slapping out pizzas and other products as fast as humanly possible. All while seemingly having a blast - they're friendly and upbeat all the time (even if you can't always hear what they're asking you over the music).

so sit down and eat well!

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