Thursday, August 03, 2006

4:30pm: Coffee at Centre Place

If you wander west along Flinders Street from Fed Square, you'll bump into Degraves St - a smallish lane running north that's chock-full of eateries, including the very veg-friendly Organic Food and Wine Deli and Nila City. If you keep walking north, Degraves morphs into Centre Place - a typically Melbourne combination of grunge, graffiti and trendiness.

Grab a coffee and a bagel at Jungle Juice (or a juice I guess!), a coffee and a crepe at Aix, or duck upstairs for a drink at Hell's Kitchen. There are a smattering of hip little shops around as well, but you would have been much better off spending your shopping dollars at Savers in the morning.

- any one of them will get us within walking distance of our next stop.

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