Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 8, 2007: The Organic Food and Wine Deli

After our cheap and delicious lunch at Nila, we ducked our heads into The Organic Food and Wine Deli (TOFWD) to check out what they had to offer. While the stock isn't strictly vegetarian, there was a wide range of well-marked vego, gluten free and vegan treats to eat in or takeaway. We selected two vego pies: one filled with a mushroom and tofu mix (vegan) and the other with a cheesy mexican bean mush ($4.80 each).

We heated them both up on a lazy evening at home (accompanied by a cabbage dish that Cindy will blog soon) and halved them to share between us. The mushroom and tofu mix was my favourite - one of the better pie fillings I've tasted (although still not a patch on Cindy's homemade efforts). The fact that it mixed so well with my preferred condiment (Worcestershire sauce) probably helped. The Mexican pie was tasty as well, but a little less like a traditional pie and thus not quite as exciting (at least for me).

It's rare that we opt for the lazy premade dinner option (although I've been meaning to try something from the Brunswick Street Alimentari for a while now), but these were a cheap and delicious option - it mightn't be a bad idea to stock the freezer with a few for days when cooking is too much trouble.

Address: 28 Degraves Street, Melbourne
Phone: 9654 5157
Price: Veg pies - $4.80

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