Friday, October 26, 2007

October 20, 2007: A1 Bakery

I started Saturday with an early morning game of squash at Fitzy's Gym in West Brunswick. The plan was to meet up with Cindy afterwards and find ourselves some breakfast around Sydney Road. In my head this was going to involve a repeat trip to Ray or something, but Cindy suggested we finally visit one of the raved-about Lebanese bakeries at the northern end of the strip. In the end this worked out for the best - I was ravenous by the time we met up and A1 Bakery was the perfect place to satisfy my well-earned hunger for less than 10 bucks.

A1 started out as a pita bread manufacturing company a couple of decades ago and developed into a retail outlet with a wide range of Lebanese groceries and a bakery shopfront churning out breads, pastries and pizzas. The place is bustling on a Saturday morning, but we managed a window seat and loaded up on fresh-baked delights: a cheese pie ($4.80) for Cindy and a spinach and cheese pastry ($2.80) plus a herb bread ($1.20) for me.

The spinach and cheese pastry was the star of the show - crumbly Bulgarian feta, fresh spinach and deliciously cooked pastry. And it was huge - it was really three little triangles in one. The herb bread was fresh and warm and sprinkled with a mix of herbs and spices. It did the job of filling me up, but was probably a little dry - it'd be better split between two than eaten entirely by one greedy individual.

Cindy's cheese pie was more delicious pastry wrapped around some slightly melty haloumi. It was probably a little more bready than my spinach and cheese pastry, but was still a fine morning meal.

We had a quick browse through the groceries on offer and headed out into the hubbub of Sydney Road full to the gills, having spent just a tick over $10. Not too shabby.

Address: 645-645 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Ph: 9386 0440
Price: Veg pastries/pizzas $1-5


  1. I can't resist A1. I waddle out of there with far more than I need - fairy floss, extra pastry, nuts, pomegranate molasses, frozen Kibbeh, bread etc. I have to space out my visits as a consequence - LOL! But I think I'm due for a trip there soon. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I feel like that about all of Sydney Road! Between the Indian grocery, the Mediterranean supermarket and now A1, I do a lot of impulse buying in Brunswick. And don't get me started on Savers... :-D

  3. You gotta try their desserts next time Michael. They have this tubular thing that's filled with cream, it's so good. I used to think their baklava was good too until I tried some of the baklava from across the road at Elfayah (spelling possibly incorrect). Their baklava and desserts are even better. This square puff pastry thing with dark coloured nuts on it is the top pick. So drop by A1 for the tubular dessert and then Elfayah for their baklava and square puff pastry thing.

    Hmmm maybe I should start finding out the names of things.

  4. Thanh, as the resident sweet tooth I am bookmarking your recommendation for future trips to Brunswick! Thank you.

  5. Firstly, you're welcome Cindy.

    Secondly, this comment follow up thing is working really well. So easy to follow the responses now.

    Third and finally, we sweet tooths need to stick together. I don't go to Brunswick often either, but I have to drop by those places to pick up some delicious Lebanese desserts.

  6. the cheese and the spinach and cheese pies are actually $2.80 each not $4.80... and they're really filling

  7. Hi Racha! I checked my notebook and I even had it written as $2.80 there. Thanks for picking up the typo, which I have now corrected. :-)

  8. I'm a huge fan of this place. I'm there every weekend without fail for breakfast & it takes me a good 25 minutes drive to get there. Cheap & great are two words that sum up A1 Bakery. Highly recommended for all. By the way this is a fantastic website Michael & Cindy. Great work!

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Hadi R. :-) We don't get there nearly as often as you (though A1 certainly deserves your loyalty) - actually, it's been far too long between trips for us!

  10. A1, is still unmissable, the herb pizza, for less than $2, the salty cheese pies, and sorry but the meat pizza with lemon and chili for $2 is to die for, time to reconsider your true values.