Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 7, 2007: Nila City II

Update, 31/12/2014: Nila City has been closed for a while now, replaced by a fancy fish and chip shop. The old Brunswick branch is defunct as well, but there's a Nila Restaurant trading in Coburg that is probably a related operation.

Here's another sample from the Nila menu: pizza roti ($7.95). This is a large roti bread, crisp on the bottom like a pizza base, topped with a chickpea and potato curry, fresh tomato and capsicum slices, and finely chopped steamed mixed veges (most likely sourced from McCain or Birds Eye). Evidently this isn't gourmet grade but it's a tasty and filling plateful - its charm lies in the fresh, flaky bread.

My one Nila grumble: in my three visits I have always asked for a lentil doughnut and they've never been available! Perhaps it's time they're stricken from the menu...?

(You can also read about our previous visits to Nila City and Nila Junction.)


  1. Nila in the city has become my fall back lunch spot. I am a sucker for masala dosa and they are hard to find in Melbourne. Cheap and cheerful, lousy ambience but I've never had a bad dosa.

  2. Glad it hits the spot for you, AOF! If you want a fall back for your fall back, I think Flora is close by and has dosai on the menu too. The ambience there is no better than at Nila. :-)