Saturday, August 05, 2006

2:30pm: Roaming the streets of Fitzroy

While setting you out without direction onto the streets doesn't make me much of a tour guide, I maintain that (in good weather) it's one of the best things to do in Fitzroy and Collingwood. As a blow-in from up north, I was charmed early by Melbourne's cobblestones, abundant alleys and cute-as-a-button terrace houses.

I'm now a cyclist and far less fond of the cobblestones, and more familiar with the inadequacies of the kitchens and bathrooms behind those pretty terraced façades. But I still enjoy the architecture when I take the time to look at it and I'm far more game to explore the alleys and admire their accumulated street art than I once was. There's only a small risk of encountering a used syringe or stranger urinating - you're many times more likely to discover other like-minded folks with a camera under their arm, checking out the paste-ups, stencils and murals.

Here's a small gallery of stuff we've seen and loved this year. You'll no doubt see many other great pieces - all but the most elaborate commissioned works typically disintegrate or are pasted or painted over in time. There are also plenty of sites capturing the local street art regularly, including a Melbourne Street Art facebook pageVetti: Live in Northcote, Black Mark, Streets of Melbourne and Melbourne Street Art 86.

Phew! You must be exhausted.
I know the perfect place to take a break.

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