Monday, March 21, 2011

March 11, 2011: A salad for your best tomatoes

On Friday we showed Matt a more of our neighbourhood - we hit A Minor Place for breakfast, spent an hour at Savers, stopped by Mankoushe for lunch before attending an early afternoon gig at The Workers Club.  I was almost relieved to have Friday night to myself while M & M set off for another gig.  I needed some home-cooked food and had a bag of garden veges, from our friends Troy and Bec, to use.

Since Michael doesn't care for them, I claimed the tomatoes for dinner.  I remembered recently seeing this salad on Nourish Me and was delighted to note that I could make it from ingredients already at home, including our own potted parsley.  I used separate bowls for whisking the dressing and serving the salad then realised that I should really flip the recipe around, whisking the dressing in the bowl and tossing the veges right in afterwards.

It was a lovely way to augment some home grown tomatoes.  For some carby comfort, I had a cheese and pecan scone on the side.

A salad for your best tomatoes
(adapted from a recipe found at Nourish Me,
where Lucy credits it to Sam & Sam Clark's Casa Moro)

In a bowl, whisk together 4 parts olive oil, 2 parts pomegranate molasses and 1 part hot water.  Stir in minced or powdered garlic to taste and a generous dash of cinnamon.  Thoroughly toss through chopped tomatoes.  Stir in some roughly chopped walnuts and finely chopped parsley just before serving.


  1. How famous are their tomatoes? First I blogged about them and then you. They could almost stat selling them :-)

  2. Ooh. Very glad you liked it :-)

    Powdered garlic...good thinking. Bought some for a Madhur Jaffrey tofu thing (very good...must blog it) and, as one does, had to buy it in a huge container.

  3. What a lovely tomato salad! I'm yet to actually try cooking with pomegranate molasses, I should really get off my hiney and pick some up!

    Also - seriously need to get myself to A Minor Place to try their baked beans. I've heard for years that they're crazy delicious! Ahh, the problems of living in the outer eastern burbs means I'm so far from places like this!

  4. hello i like your blog and tomatoes, i´m from spain, i understand you althoug my english is not veri good jajajaj, kisss

  5. Nice dressing, will give it a try. We have an absolute glut of tomatoes at the moment and I'm looking for new ways to present them.

  6. That looks delicious, and makes me anxious for tropical tomato season to hurry up and get here!

  7. Dressing sounds excellent: might have to try this with my last few garden tomatoes.

  8. K, I'd only encourage Troy & Bec to start selling their tomatoes if they're willing to give us mates' rates. ;-)

    Lucy - those powdered garlic shakers are huge, aren't they? I am just too wussy for raw garlic, so I get good use from the powdered stuff.

    Ellie, I'm a huge fan of pomegranate molasses in sweet and savoury dishes. Seriously, it is a great flavour to add to icing (!), get on it!

    Welcome, mar! Thanks for stopping by. :-) I only wish I could greet you in Spanish on your own blog.

    Hey, Quince Poacher! I think there are a lot of folks around overloaded with tomatoes right now. :-)

    Theresa, is tropical tomato season later? I had no idea.

    Do it, Lexi! :-D

  9. Thanks for publishing some wonderful recipes. I can already see several I want to make! I love choc ice magic.. and it's been years since I've had 'Gado Gado'. And tomato salad? Yum. Keep up the great work/publishing!

  10. Thank you, Maria! If you try any of these recipes, I hope you'll stop by again and let us know how you go. :-)