Friday, March 18, 2011

March 10, 2011: Small Block IV

Matt was pretty keen to hit some breakfast hotspots while he was visiting us.  For all its wonderful food, Tokyo hasn't got a wealth of places dishing up poached eggs and excellent coffees. In need of a nearby venue so that those of us heading to work weren't waylaid too much, we settled on a quick tram ride up to Small Block. We've worked Small Block over pretty hard - it's probably my favourite of the Lygon St Brunswick East brekkie strip - but they've had a small menu shake-up since we last visited.

Most intriguingly, they've added an explicitly vegan option, and it's not avo on toast! Cindy went with it - a vegan tortilla with refried beans, avocado and salsa ($13.90).

The beans inside this tortilla sandwich weren't particularly refried, more like baked beans. But they were hearty and delicious, and the fresh avocado, tomato and coriander on top was a nice accompaniment. I didn't get a taste of this in the end, which is an indication of Cindy's satisfaction levels.

I went for a simple serve of baked beans on Turkish bread with Meredith fetta ($11.50).

The portioning of this dish was a bit weird - four massive pieces of Turkish bread with just a small bowl of beans and fetta to spread across them. With a light touch you can make the beans last, but I'd have been happy to have one fewer pieces of toast I think (I know nobody was making me eat it all, but once it's there..). Still, the beans (which looked suspiciously similar to Cindy's 'refried' ones) were excellent, and nicely offset by the sharpness of the fetta. I was full until a very late lunch.

Small Block's a pretty consistent performer - the staff are casual and friendly, the food is always excellent, and the atmosphere is always pleasant (even moreso on a school day without the mad weekend crowds).

You can read about previous visits to Small Block here, here and here.

Small Block keeps getting good write-ups: The Breakfast Club Carlton and Eat and Be Merry have both given it the thumbs up since we last visited although slicing almonds and zesting lemons was less impressed.

Small Block
130 Lygon St, Brunswick East
9381 2244
fully licensed
veg brekkies $5 - $16.50

Accessibility: Entry, seating and service are very accessible.


  1. ZOMG! need to try vegan dish!!

  2. Went this morning and had the vegan tortilla and a long black. Excellent on both counts!