Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 9, 2010: Small Block III

We weren't too upset when our first breakfast preference (Bar Idda) turned out not to be open on Saturday mornings afer all. It meant we could happily duck across the street and into Small Block, which was busy but not crowded. Cindy maintained her virtue from our breakfast at 3A last week, once again choosing muesli to get the weekend started.

This was bircher muesli, served up with poached rhubarb and organic yoghurt ($8.50). I'm not sure it was quite as impressive as the macadamia-garnished delight from last week, but Cindy and poached rhubarb usually make for a pretty good combination.

I tried something new on the Small Block menu: buck rarebit (a toasted bagel with seeded mustard, gruyere, poached eggs, asparagus and chilli jam - $14).

This was my kind of breakfast, with the mustard and chilli jam adding some spark to the smoothly poached eggs and lightly fried asparagus. It's hard to pick a fault with this brekkie - I was cleaning the plate with my fingers by the end.

Small Block is a consistent performer on the East Brunswick breakfast strip. It's never been my #1, but if they keep adding winning dishes like my breakfast to the menu then it will quickly rise through the ranks.

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  1. omg, welsh rarebit!!! *runs to small block*

  2. for me its the Henry's beans at 'A Minor Place'. I haven't ventured down to Small Block for at least three years simply due to the fact that A Minor Place make the best coffee in the area.

    the bagel does look good though!

  3. Yes indeed, S-J! If you're after a more traditional version, Birdman Eating have it on the menu. :-)

    Hi Tim - we like a Minor Place too. Those beans sure are popular!