Friday, January 01, 2010

New year, new features

Happy new year, dear reader!

Last month we allowed our 900th post to glide by unmentioned but now as we see in 2010 we've got a couple of updates for you.

For starters, we've revised our where's the best? list yet again. We've added seven new recommendations for eating out:
We've had some new recipes enter our regular rotation too:

However, I am most excited about something that Michael's spent countless hours on to bring to you - a Google map marking all the restaurants we've reviewed worldwide! It's right over there in the side bar, so click on through to admire his work. You'll notice that while most restaurants have blue tags, the ones we particularly recommend have red tags. Click on a tag that interests you and you'll see the restaurant's address and links through to our review(s).

We hope you'll find this a more convenient way to determine which restaurants are in your neighbourhood, and which ones might be worth travelling further afield for. It also makes our spatial biases all the more clear, so if you have any recommendations that will fill in the gaps let us know!

1 comment:

  1. Well done on a fantastic foodie year! And excellent work on that map, omg you're like sooo web 2.0... click, click, click...

    (Seriously, I'm impressed, with your dedication to both the map and reviewing!)