Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 15, 2010: Tenth Muse

The dinner options were few and boasting long queues at the Supper Market, and line-up wasn't any better at Trippy Taco. Though we were hot and disappointed, this did lead us to try Brunswick St's Tenth Muse for the first time. This cafe does offer meat dishes but it proudly advertises its vegetarian and vegan options in the window, clearly marking the many vegetarian, vegan and vegan-adaptable items on the menu.

Michael and I shared two plates between us. First was the falafel wrap with tabouli, pickles and hommus ($6.90) and a side of chips ($1.50).

Our other plate was piled high with Muse bean nachos ($12.90), served with cheese, guacamole and sour cream.

These were both thoroughly enjoyable, if not mind-blowing - the kind of stuff you might happily make yourself at home on a Friday night in. (The chips - the one thing I wouldn't make at home - were great.) Portion sizes were huge and they allowed us to take home our remaining falafel wrap in a bag labelled "dog food", so it's also good value. Table service was friendly if not entirely efficient. However the food took a long time to arrive, even though ours was the only order with the kitchen at that time. Stop by for a cheap and unpretentious feed by all means, but give it a miss if you're running to a schedule.

Edit 10/07/11: The Tenth Muse has closed down, see Fitzroyalty for details.

Address: 365 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Ph: 9417 7477
Price: veg snacks and meals $6.90-$14.90

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  1. looks interesting - I like the sound of those nachos

    btw keep meaning to email and thank you cindy for the glasses - was missing them but not getting organised to drop by to get them (if you heard the sound of sylvia trying to get at zinc you might understand why!!!)

  2. Good find! Looks great value for money judging from the serving size!

  3. Johanna, I think these nachos would suit your tastes well. Glad the sunglasses made it to you. :-)

    Hi 3ht! It's the main reason we'd be likely to return, I think.

  4. so i have been idly flicking through the entries (yess study procrastination) and i love that the tenth muse is here. mainly because the waistaff are super hot.
    wish i lived in melbourne:)