Tuesday, January 05, 2010

January 3, 2010: Cafe 3a II

Update 31/12/2014: Cafe 3A is closed.

Meeting a friend for breakfast in Brunswick provides with a wealth of fine options, and after a bit of back and forth we decided that it was high time we resampled the wares of Cafe 3a. Our last visit had been quite satisfying, and I was hoping for big things on our return. Unfortunately the menu seemed a little cut-down, probably because the proprietor was running things on his own. A few egg dishes, some muesli or fruit toast and a few lunch items were all that were on offer this early in the new year.

I couldn't resist the poached eggs with a big roasted mushroom, some delicious (possibly Dench) toast and a drizzle of salsa verde ($15, see above). The eggs were well-poached and the mushroom was hearty and delicious but I think the plate could have used one more component - maybe some beans or avocado - just to provide a bit more excitement.

Cindy tried to stay healthier, with the toasted muesli, fresh fruit, yoghurt and macadamia ($8).

Everything about this was on the mark - the slivered macadamias were a lovely touch and the poached peaches added some aromatic spice to the fresh apple and yoghurt. Cindy declared this one of her favourite cafe mueslies.

Cafe 3a remains a tiny and charming breakfast spot, tucked just far enough off Sydney Road that a table isn't an impossibility, but I was a tad disappointed with things on this trip. Prices appear to have gone up - in 2006 Lawrence was getting poached eggs for $7.50 and my omelette in 2007 was just $9.50, so $15 seems a bit steep. The prices and the limited options might all be down to the time of year but with one of Melbourne's best tofu scrambles just around the corner, I probably won't be back to find out for quite a while.

Read about our previous visit to Cafe 3a here.


  1. Dang! Check out the size of that juicy mushroom. Yes, a nicely grilled ripened tomato would've lifted the dish.

  2. I agree, Adrian, but I'm not sure Michael would - he hates tomatoes. :-D