Monday, March 28, 2011

March 19, 2011: Jackson Dodds

It seems as though the inner-north is getting progressively bigger. At least that's the only explanation I can think of for the existence of the straight-outta-Brunswick style cafe Jackson Dodds well north of Bell Street. Jackson Dodds beat out all the usual suspects to win Cheap Eats breakfast of the year, which was enough to get us on the tram northwards.

We grabbed the last table (right in the path of the seemingly endless stream of people coming in for takeaway coffees) and perused our options. The menu is focussed on savoury - lots of eggs (in omelette, poached and scrambled forms), with just toast, bircher muesli and pancakes for the sweet-tooths (sweet-teeth? How do you pluralise that word?).

Even Cindy was forced into something savoury - going with the pea and haloumi fritters, with avocado (subbed in for the standard bacon), baby beetroot leaves and tomato relish ($13).

The fritters were exceptional, a perfectly cooked combination of sweet peas and salty cheese. The tomato relish was outstanding, and the beetroot leaves and avocado gave the illusion of healthiness. I only snuck a single mouthful but I'd have been happy to eat the whole meal.

Luckily, I ended up with avocado, tomato relish and haloumi of my own in the Jacks Breakfast (2 poached eggs with grilled haloumi, avocado, sautéed spinach and tomato relish, $15).

This had all the components of a great breakfast: perfectly poached eggs, fried cheese, ripe avo and a home-made sauce. I'd basically ordered this meal because I wanted haloumi - it didn't disappoint (does it ever?). Still, I think I made a mistake by not ordering the breakfast-of-the-year-winning dukkah eggs. Next time I guess.

Good coffee, quirky interior and a queue out the door - Jackson Dodds has taken Brunswick all the way out to Preston. Check it out.

A lot of other bloggers didn't need The Age to point them in the direction of Jackson Dodds. Eat Drink Stagger, Hookturns, Melbourne Dining Experiences and Laughing Chef were ahead of the game.


Jackson Dodds
611 Gilbert Rd, West Preston (right at the end of the 112 line)
9471 1900
veg brekkies $4-15

Accessibility: There's a small step at entry level, and the interior is pretty crowded.


  1. Yay for great breakfast and coffee at the end of my street! Mum and I got the dukkah eggs the first time we visited (VERY shortly after they'd opened) and were blown away. I've been meaning, ever since, to try find out what 'tunisian spiced' actually means, because the silverbeet they're served on is seriously like crack. And I realise how ridiculous that sounds! Also, those fritters are totally ace, too. So green!

  2. Oh, lucky you to live so close! Silverbeet like crack? That, I gotta try.

  3. I went there today based on your blog. It was very very yummy. Now I have to return every week for a while to try the complete menu.

  4. Oh, cool! Ros, you'll have to tell us what to order next time once you've tested it all. :-)

  5. Just discovered this place recently and quickly became our favourite local for breakfast- had one of their specials recently -quinoa with watermelon, hazelnuts, mint, yoghurt and honey and it was delicious. Also love their chai and coffee brews.

    1. I would never have thought to serve watermelon and quinoa together, but that sounds pretty good!