Friday, March 11, 2011

March 5, 2011: Human Powered Cafe

Edit 01/03/2012: Human Powered Cafe is no longer operating under the same management. It seems to have been renovated and we've no idea what its current incarnation is like!

A few months back, Cindy and I heard a rumour that Human Powered Cafe were serving up this blog's semi-famous vegan sausage rolls. We've been meaning to check them out ever since, and finally got around to it on a glorious Saturday morning.

Alas, the only sausage rolls on offer the day we visited were lamb-based ones, so we didn't find out how well they reproduce one of our favourite dishes. Instead, there were a few lunch options - pastries and sweets, fruit toast, a vegan big-breakfast, and a veg focaccia.

I couldn't resist the vegan chow down - scrambled tofu, sauteed mushrooms, house made baked beans, rocket, caramelised red wine onion & toast ($16.5).

It was a pretty decent sized plate. The scrambled tofu looked amazing and had a nice warm flavour to it, but was a tad on the dry side. The beans were almost non-existent (seriously, there was like a tablespoon) yet everything was redeemed by the glorious caramelised red wine onion.

Cindy had delayed her breakfast for too long and hadn't worked up any real hunger, so just went with a flapjack ($3). This was an incredibly dense oaty treat that ended up being too much food for her despite its modest appearance.

I like the idea of a combination bike-shop and cafe, and Human Powered do a pretty good job. Decent coffee, friendly and efficient service and loads of wonderful old bike posters on the walls - it's a nice place to just sit and hang out.

Human Powered Cafe has had pretty good reviews from Vetti, Hey Bambini and Do You Want to Stay for Breakfast?.

Human Powered Cafe
562 High Street, Thornbury
9480 0848
veg dishes $4-$16.50

Accessibility: Human Powered seemed pretty accessible - no step, lots of space and great light. Once again, we didn't check out the loos.


  1. That fu scram looks so yummy!

  2. the thought of being able to go out and buy your very famous sausage rolls is just too exciting - if only..

    but I would settle for dry scrambled tofu and a tablespoon of beans over boring tomato and mushrooms (once the egg and meat is taken out of a big brekkie) any day