Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 17, 2009: Barbecue veges

When it comes to planning our Christmas party, my lab tends towards a DIY style. It's not difficult to see why - there are numerous talented cooks amongst us so the catering is guaranteed to be excellent. This year we held a barbecue and I volunteered to bring something vegetarian for the hot plate. Mushrooms were an easy option - I just sprinkled them with garlic slivers, rosemary leaves and balsamic vinegar.

These skewers required only a little more effort - they're made up of tofu and red capsicum chunks doused in a smoky marinade much like this one (I just added some apple cider vinegar for tanginess). They were well worth it.

Elsewhere on the hot plate were tender zucchini fritters and the saltiest haloumi I've ever sampled. The trestle table groaned under the weight of salads and snacks. I was impressed by the colleagues who merrily took charge of the barbecuing in the midst of a downpour, and amazed at the entire group's good cheer and perseverance in the face of bad weather - bocce went ahead and many people kicked on right until we had to surrender the venue.

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