Saturday, December 05, 2009

December 4, 2009: Patee Thai

On Friday night our original Fitzroy dinner plans fell through and we took a chance on Patee Thai. Initially the menu didn't look so veg-friendly, but they actually mark all of the already-vegetarian and veg-adaptable items with a V. After requesting vegetarian dishes we were asked if eggs were OK or not - a hint that they're also vegan-friendly. Service throughout our visit was polite and prompt.

We tried garlic chive dumplings for the first time ($5.90) - here the hot deep-fried batter overwhelmed any other flavours. Still, we happily gobbled them down.

The Pad Thai ($12.90) was nothing to holler about, but the tofu ($13.40) in kaffir lime leaf sauce was more memorable. What's particularly interesting is that Patee Thai offer a vegetarian banquet for $24 per person - it includes kaffir lime tofu and not the Pad Thai, so it could be biggest and best way to sample Patee Thai's vegetarian wares.

Address: 371-373 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Ph: 9419 6618
Licensed & BYO wine only
Price: veg entrees $5.90, veg mains $9.90-$13.40

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  1. I've found that pad thai can be really hit or miss. When it's done well, it is my favourite thai food, but too often it's just meh.

  2. And you were within walking distance of MaMaNee Thai, too! Seriously, I know it LOOKS like the crappiest Thai in the area, but it is infact (in my opinion) one of the best -- or at least most autentic -- Thai places in Melbourne (it's also not-so-crappy on the inside, and the kitchen is out in the open, so you can see everything being made up clean and fresh). AND, unlike some of the other "proper" Thai places (coughYingThaicough), they'll happily make dishes *without* fish sauce if you ask them.

  3. Theresa, I completely agree! When I'm visiting a new Thai restaurant, I can't help ordering Pad Thai and hoping.

    Hey Ruth, thanks for pointing out MaMaNee. We've not been there and will keep it in mind for next time. The fish sauce at Ying Thai has been a big disappointment for me too. :-(