Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 22, 2007: Leftover Makeover - Orange Tiramisu

The key ingredients to use up here were some dry sponge fingers (from dessert pesto days) and cream cheese (from a second batch of cream cheese brownies - Michael wanted to impress the ladies at work). Add to the mix a duty-free bottle of Cointreau and you have orange tiramisu! In haphazard blobs, these glasses contain:
  • sponge fingers, sprinkled with a smidge of cointreau and left to soften, then gently chopped into chunks;
  • cream cheese, whipped briefly by hand with a bit of brown sugar and orange juice until dissolved;
  • fresh orange segments.
These were messy-looking but fun, sweet and tangy little desserts!


  1. great idea - I don't eat tiramisu because it always seems too full of coffee - but if it has fruit and cointreau it sounds much more tempting

  2. Johanna, I eat "real" tiramisu only rarely for the same reason.