Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 15, 2007: Trinkets from Europe

While Michael was gadding about over the last few weeks he was generous enough to choose a number of gifts for me and the kitchen along the way:
  • three packages of Hungarian paprika (each one a different combination of sweetness and heat), which came with the cute wooden spoon;
  • a decorative little pepper grinder, also from Budapest;
  • a cheap and cheerful set of matryoshka dolls;
  • a sample of Xocolat chocolates from Vienna;
  • a box of Neuhaus chocolates (with his spare change at an airport).
He clearly knows me and my interests well. So well that he even gambled on a beaded necklace in my absence and passed with flying colours: sparkly, autumn-hued, glass-bead colours. I'm a lucky girl!


  1. am glad you got some goodies after michael's trip - a fair exchange for your choc chip cookies :-)

  2. you lucky girl cindy! that looks like a great haul of goodies (esp. the choccies!). a few years back i had a hungarian housemate that brought with her an authentic stash of hungarian paprika to have on hand as the stuff sold in supermarkets didn't compare. From memory i recall her cooking up some wickedly tasty goulashes and paprikash! you can now be confident knowing that you have the real mccoy of paprikas in your kitchen. Will we see some tasty paprika-related recipe posts soon? :)

  3. Johanna, it was very exciting to receive so many fun little bits and pieces!

    SL, this is just the weather to get into Hungarian-style dishes, I reckon! I will definitely be trying to make this dish again, and hunting down some new paprika-related recipes too. :-)

  4. Those chocolates look great. The ranges on those websites look so good. Those Neuhaus ones are so expensive, Michael must carry a lot of spare change in his pockets.

  5. Thanh7580, I didn't see the prices on the Neuhaus ones until you mentioned it! The box I have is certainly smaller than all the ones I saw on that website. :-D I haven't opened those ones yet, am looking forward to them though!

  6. Lovely gifts.

    Have a slight obsession with matryoshka dolls, so naturally am coveting yours. An uncle of mine used to give them to me when he returned from visits to Russia in the 1970s (he was a fully-paid up and active member of the Communist Party...very interesting character).

    Beads sound gorgeous too.

  7. Lucy, your uncle does sound like an interesting man. Have you visited Babushka in the Royal Arcade (CBD)? It has a lot of beautiful matryoshka dolls (and a few novelty sets). Too expensive for me to do more than occasionally visit and admire!

  8. They are expensive, aren't they? Have often walked past Babushka, but for some reason, often end up walking right past. Maybe it's because there are too many and they are, as you say, expensive.

    Enjoy your gifts.