Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 19, 2010: Banana-date smoothie

We've got dates and, as usual, I've got frozen bananas. They're a fine combination, and I've been choosing to combine them in smoothies. They're both plenty sweet as they are, so all they really need is some milk. I also like the teensiest pinch of ground cardamom.

Whenever I get to the smooth dates and banana stage I notice that this would probably make another fine banana icecream. My processor can't quite blend the dates to smoothness, so the 'icecream' is flecked with their caramel sweetness. They're a treat when I find them sunk into the last quarter of my smoothie, too.

Banana-date smoothie

Remove the pits from 6-8 dates and place them in a food processor. Process the dates until they're as mushy as they're gonna get (mine are usually still quite chunky when they're out of the blade's reach). Add a couple tablespoonfuls of milk (dairy or non-) before processing some more. Add a frozen banana and a pinch (just a pinch!) of ground cardamom and process it all until smooth. Then with the motor still running, gradually add more milk in a stream to get the quantity and consistency you want. Pour it into a glass and drink up!


  1. I always think about posting drinks.. but never do, I really should make the effort. yep I love banana and dates... throw in a tablespoon of nut butter next time... YUM!

  2. That sounds so good, I have banana smoothies most morning but hadn't thought about adding dates.

  3. I checked, it was you with the Soy Bombs! That's what I was trying to talk about at #eatdrinkblog on Sunday - I LOVE YOUR SOY BOMBS

    Was great to meet you Cindy, what a fun day.

  4. I love smoothies. Need to make it more before it gets too cold.

  5. do'h you just reminded me I meant to make a smoothie this morn but was too tired to remember - I love berries with my banana in smoothies but the idea of dates sounnds good and means more iron which would give it a nutritional boost! Just checking do you have the dried dates or the fresher ones?

  6. Hey Carla! We don't post many drinks either. And nut butter is definitely on the to-eat list.

    Vicki - they're worth a shot, if you don't mind your smoothies a little chunky. :-)

    Ha, thanks Zoe! I had a brilliant time too - it was likewise great to meet you.

    Yes, Penny! I probably won't be making so many as winter approaches.

    Johanna - these were dried, though I imagine either would work (as long as they're pitted!).