Wednesday, August 02, 2006

where's the best?

So you're too impatient to read all 900+ entries in our archives, huh?

We don't blame you. Here are our favourite recipes and restaurants, ready-linked for your reading pleasure.

Eating In

Michael's Super Soups

Broccoli soup with lemon-chive cream
Cauliflower dhal with panch phoran
Parippu dhal
Savoury harira soup
Spicy cauliflower soup

Meals we make again and again

Tofu-skeptic? Try these.

Eating out


Our southside faves are Las Chicas and the Galleon Cafe but we've plundered the northside's treasures far more often. Try Babka, Balzari, Bebida, Court Jester, Dench, Fandango, Gingerlee, Hellenic Republic, Juanita's, Julio, Min Lokal, (deep breath!) Minimo, a Minor Place, Mitte, Mixed Business, North Island Cafe, Small Block, Ray, Sugardough or Tom Phat.

Burgers and chips

Andrew's Hamburgers
East Brunswick Club
Lord of the Fries
Burger Culture
Grill'd (here the rosemary-flecked chips outperform the burgers)


We both dig I Carusi - their pizzas probably offer the best value for money of all the ones we've tried. If you're willing to pay a few dollars more, we'd also recommend Bande A Part, Oskar, Pizza Meine Liebe and Plush Pizza.

Cheap eats (<$15)

Mid eats ($15-$25)

Blue Corn
Gujju's Cafe and Chaat House
The Horn Restaurant
Indya Bistro
Moroccan Soup Bar
Penang Affair
The Roti Man
White Lotus

Special occasions ($25+)

Black Pearl
Cafe Vue cocktail night
Circa, the Prince
Merrijig Inn, Port Fairy
Provenance, Beechworth

Shared plates

We've loved everything we've tried in this category. You won't go wrong with Borsch Vodka and Tears, Cafe Zum Zum, Hellenic Republic, Kamel, A Minor Place, Otsumami, Peko Peko, Robbies Stein or Rumi.

Exclusively Dessert

Monsieur Truffe has ousted Koko Black as our favourite chocolatier, but why restrict yourself? Here's a mega-tour.