Thursday, August 03, 2006

9am: Breakfast at CERES

Though Brunswick has many great spots for breakfast, the atmosphere at CERES cafe is pretty unique. It's relaxed and outdoorsy; dotted with frolicking children and animals. Fetch your own cup of water and check the blackboard of specials, then settle in with the rest of the menu for a while. If you like eggs it's difficult to go past Verity's (above), otherwise the muffin of the day and a dandelion latte make a cute couple. Take your time - there's a good chance your waiter will too.

Next up, take the track through the community garden, check in on the chickens, and pat any dogs you encounter on the way.

Wander through the market and pick up any fresh produce that takes your fancy - maybe some fruit to munch on the journey?

From here, Michael and I are parting ways for a couple of hours and it's up to you who you'd like to keep company with. Would you rather:

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