Monday, August 28, 2006

August 20, 2006: The Vegie Bar

The Vegie Bar is another popular establishment that we first visited with Krusty and Jason last year. As the name suggests this is an entirely vegetarian restaurant. In the first two minutes that we sat with our menus, we were greeted by two different waiters offering to take our order or at least get us some drinks. I was overwhelmed by the huge list of juices, smoothies, cocktails and hot drinks even before I got a handle on the dozens of options for lunch. I had forgotten how cheap it was! As little as $3.50 for an entrée, and no more that $11.50 for a full meal.

We both drank raspberry lassis, which included apple juice and honey as well as the usual fruit and yoghurt. Michael had a modest and tasty plate of marinated pan-seared tempeh and asian greens. I ordered the mid-priced kofta wrap and received an enormous parcel of roti bread, perhaps the size of a brick. Inside were two crusty tennis ball-sized vege fritters, nutty and roundly spiced, definitely some of the best kofta I’ve ever eaten. They were complemented by fresh salad and a yoghurt dressing. The meal was undoubtedly excellent value, and I would have been prepared to pay the same price for a wrap of half the size that I could hold in my hands.

Address: 378 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Ph: 9417 6935
Price: small mains $5.50-8.50, regular mains $10.50-11.50



  1. Yay, (belated) welcome to Melbourne! Hang on, I can't welcome you because I'm not there... Hmm... Um... Look, monkeys! (Disappears behind a stack of Neural Field papers)

  2. Ohh i love the food there! Have you tried the burrito? It's AMAZING!
    But the only problem i have is that the staff are so snooty and 'too cool for school'...have you experienced this? It turns me off from eating there.

  3. Nope, the burrito has passed us by but Michael will no doubt rise to that challenge on our next visit! :-)

    The staff are uniformly trendy-looking and I've found the service to be really hit-and-miss: sometimes professional, sometimes neglectfully casual, sometimes with a smile and often not!