Monday, March 19, 2007

March 15, 2007: Koko Black IV

On Thursday night we got together with Mike and Jo-Lyn for dessert at Koko Black. Michael picked one of the ice-cream martinis ($7.50): latte ice-cream with chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and tuille. This is the decadent kind of dessert I've come to expect from Koko Black, and Michael did an admirable job of stringing it out over a good half-hour. A boisterous conversation with Mike and Jo-Lyn is one of few things that can distract us from our food!

While Michael's martini was more sundae than spirits, I went for the real deal with a Raspberry Dark cocktail ($15): Creme De Cacao, Vodka, Chocolate liqueur, raspberry puree and Belgian chocolate ganache. We received the same great personality-stamped service as on our last visit, with the cheerful waitress who took our order informing me that it was her pick of the menu. Unfortunately I didn't share her opinion: the slightly bitter chocolate and sweet raspberry flavours were there but it turns out that I prefer them as separate entities, clashes of texture and taste. But I will share her happy outlook on Koko Black, striking the Raspberry Dark off my list and leaving plenty of space for the rest of the menu.

(You can also read about our previous visits to Koko Black: one, two and three.)

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