Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 2, 2007: Woodstock Cafe

Cindy was craving pizza on Friday night and we had tickets to Sodastream at the East Brunswick Club, so I spent a little while poring over the Cheap Eats and trying to find a well-regarded pizza shop in the inner north. Unfortunately, we left things too late to get a seat at I Carusi, so we decided to try out Woodstock Cafe in North Fitzroy. We settled into a small table near the giant wood-fired pizza oven (which didn't exactly help us cool down after the ride up) and browsed the menu. The first thing that jumped out was the price - pizzas between $16 and $20. Luckily, we peaked at a few of the other tables and realised that we'd probably only need one between us to be satisfied. There weren't a great many vego options on the pizza menu, so we asked them to serve us up a mushroom pizza without the prosciutto, and they were happy to oblige.

The pizza came out uncut, swimming in cheesy oil and dotted with soft porcini mushrooms. After a bit of awkward pizza-cutting, we dug in. The thin bases were quite crisp, but not as good as we've had previously. The cheese (fior di latte - mozzarella made from cow's milk) was milky and a little salty and full of fatty deliciousness. The mushrooms were sparse and a bit less flavoursome, serving only to provide a bit of textural variety. I quickly scarfed down my half of the pizza and snuck a bit of Cindy's half as well, but, as much as I loved the cheese, all the oiliness ended sitting a little heavily in my stomach. It was enjoyable enough, but with the limited vegetarian options and slightly pricey pizzas, we'll probably steer clear in the future.

Address: 612 Nicholson Street, North Fitzroy
Ph: 9481 8122
Licensed and BYO (although corkage is a whopping $10 per bottle)
Price: $16-$22

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