Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 9, 2006: wwwash

We started this Saturday morning with some deliberation about which meal we would allow ourselves to eat out and, unable to delay gratification, chose breakfast. Michael’s two picks from the Cheap Eats guide were packed out and instead we visited wwwash, an internet café and laundromat on trendy Brunswick St. It’s spacious and comfortable with low lighting that doesn’t seem quite right on a sunny morning; hip and modern with a bit of homely clutter.

Their menu consists of half a dozen delicious-looking breakfasts and a further dozen sweet and savoury crepes. We each took a sample from the crepe list, Michael’s filled with wild mushrooms, ricotta, spinach and oregano ($12), mine with banana, roasted walnuts, honey and yoghurt ($7).

The crepes themselves were excellent: thin, hot, crisp but flexible. Not even remotely rubbery. The savoury mushroom filling had the balance of flavours just right. I enjoyed the banana and walnuts, but the honey and yoghurt less so. I think that’s more a matter of personal taste than poor planning or preparation on the part of wwwash’s chef. The serving size left me feeling satisfied but not bloated, meaning that a hungry customer could probably polish off a savoury crepe and look longingly at the sweet list afterwards. At this price and portion size they’re good value but more of a treat than an average work day lunch. Lucky I’ve got dozens more weekend breakfasts and lunches in Melbourne to treat myself!

Edit 13/11/08: Wwwash is now the Wick - it's neither a laundromat nor an internet cafe, but it still does crepes! Read more at fitzroyalty and unwakeable.

Address: 361 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Ph: 9419 8214

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