Sunday, September 17, 2006

September 14, 2006: Flora

On this Thursday, Michael booked some last-minute tickets to see cult-rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Athenaeum Theatre. It was an almost flawless mix of professional theatre and angry glam rock attitude. I find iOTA’s music and vocal stylings a little pretentious and over-dramatic, and for this reason he filled Hedwig’s tight little dresses incredibly well. (He also had great legs.)

But before we would see more of iOTA’s crotch than I could ever have imagined, we needed a quick dinner. We met up with Mike and Jo-Lyn and walked a couple of blocks away from the theatre to Flora. Despite being in the midst of three meals of Michael’s Mangalore, I was keen to visit this Indian restaurant because the Cheap Eats guide promised laminex Bollywood mayhem. There were indeed bright lights and clean laminex, and a hot-box with about 8 curry choices (3 vegetarian) and a few deep-fried appetisers. It seems that you must rely on the chef’s choice of curries in the bain marie, but dosa are made to order.

In the company of non-bloggers I was less perfectionist with my photography, but this shot at least captures the chaos of our table if not the finer aspects of our food. My dosa was 50-60cm long and well worth the $8-9 it cost: a crisp but pliable shell concealing a sweet spiced potato centre. Unusually, the coconut chutney was much spicier than the thin tomato/lentil soup. I didn’t grill the others for food reviews but everyone was visibly satisfied by their meals. I’d certainly recommend Flora for an inner-city lunch or dinner on the run, but it’s not an ideal atmosphere for a slow savouring of food and conversation.

Address: 238A Flinders St, Melbourne CBD
Ph: 9663 1212
Price: vege mains $8 – 12


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  1. I have been to Flora a few times. It always satisfies my craving for dhal and roti (...which I suffer from every few weeks!). I am yet to try their dosa though. But it sounds friggin amazing. I'll get one on my next visit for sure!