Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 17, 2006: Grill’d

On Sunday we took a tram to posh Chapel St, Prahran to find some people even yuppier than us and take a peek at the markets. The people were indeed posher and yuppier than us, but lacked variety in their dress and manner. Their primary means of self-expression seems to be the pedigree of pampered pooch that they tether outside the cafes or cradle in their arms. It was at little disappointing but not so surprising that the market stalls were mostly closed at 1:00 on a Sunday afternoon, but the organic grocer and specialty mushroom shop encouraged us to come back again on a Saturday morning when it promises to be more lively.

For lunch I was craving some vegetarian-friendly pub food. More accurately, I wanted some chips. As we walked further south along Chapel St the shops decreased in sleekness and median price. The bright and perky Grill’d appeared at just the right time to feed me. It sells beef, lamb, chicken and vege burgers, but most importantly it sells chips. They fit the bill and more: golden and crunchy with flecks of rosemary adding a unique flavour. Not too greasy. The herbed mayo was OK, but I’m probably getting picky having recently enjoyed home-made . I was pleased to be offered a choice of three vegetarian burgers and a wholemeal bun; the burgers were huge and we probably should have shared one. My Garden Goodness burger was missing the promised avocado and the veggie patty was a bit bland, but otherwise it was well prepared. Michael enjoyed his Bombay Bliss. Fresh salad ingredients on both. I wouldn’t cross town for another burger, but I might for the chips.

Address: 157 Chapel St, Windsor
Ph: 9510 2377
Price: vege burgers $8.50, chips extra

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