Friday, May 15, 2009

May 10, 2009: Mixed Business

We're gradually expanding our breakfast range - Mitte was on the fringe of Clifton Hill, and this week's Sunday morning feast was at Mixed Business all the way across on Queen's Parade. Mixed Business has been steadily accumulating rave reviews across the internet, so it wasn't hard to convince Mike and Jo to meet us there and help us check it out for ourselves.

It's a beautiful place for brekkie - all light and space, with some stylish touches (it's hard to go wrong with a giant sign promsing 'chips and gravy' on the wall). The tables are well spread out, which makes for a more relaxing meal than some of the more densely packed cafes. Partly because of the space (plenty of stroller room y'see), Mixed Business is a hit with the trendy parents of Clifton Hill. When we arrived just before 9 it was more creche than cafe, with babies and toddlers as far as the eye could see. As the morning progressed, the bright-eyed parents were gradually replaced by some of the slower starting residents, but regardless the room is big and open enough that things don't get too hectic or noisy.

The much raved about coffee was quick to arrive, but a little on the weak side for my taste. Sure I ordered a second, but it was more about ensuring I was getting enough caffeine than about the flavour. Still, it got my eyes open enough to check out the menu. The chalkboard is full of interesting options - a few variations on poached eggs, some delicious sounding beans and a reasonable selection of sweet treats.

I spent a good while considering the baked beans, but in the end the lure of poached eggs ($13) was too strong. These came with a potato and rosemary rosti, avocado and house relish and were utterly delicious. I've had a few mediocre roestis in the past - too gluggy and bland, but this was light, well-cooked and had enough flavour to be delicious on its own, not just as company for the perfectly poached eggs and generous serve of ripe avocado. The tomato relish and lemon added a bit of zing, and the toast (Dench's I believe) was divine. Outstanding.

Cindy chose something she knew I wouldn't try to steal - a banana split (with caramelised on brioche with nutmeg pecans and yoghurt - $10.50). It was pretty heavily slathered in caramel sauce, but the brioched provided a bit of balance and I didn't hear any complaints about the sweet bananas or yoghurt on top. It seemed a popular choice, so those of you without weird banana issues should probably give it a try.

There's a lot to like about Mixed Business - great food, good service and a relaxing space. I wasn't wowed by the coffee, but others have raved, so it may just be my lack of connoisseur-dom.

Address: 486 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill
Ph: 94861606
Price: $5-$13


  1. Oh yes, I haven't been since I told myself to calm it with that side of town. Avoiding a few people, you see. Haha.

    I guess I'm going back now that you have reminded me.